Virginal Meanderings

Hmmm . . . How the hell do you choose the first subject you are going to write about on your brand new blog? The first post that people are going to read when they stumble across melchett mike?

Well, what’s on my mind at the moment?

Ahmadinejad is up there (and has been for a while). But it’d be a shame to devote my first post to that poisonous Persian dwarf, spouting off about Jews in his M&S jackets (has no one told him?). His time will soon come (both on this blog, and in the more existential sense I hope).

I don’t fancy writing about next week’s municipal elections in Israel, especially after receiving, this morning, a link to one candidate’s video, full of ‘faltzani‘ (Hebrew, literal translation: farting) celebrities moaning about the preponderance of 4x4s in Tel Aviv and the fact that they can’t afford to live there anymore. The heart bleeds.

The national Israeli elections in February? Now, that‘s going to be interesting. But I’m not getting into the Livni/Barak/Netanyahu question now.

And what about Lewis Hamilton, who yesterday became the youngest-ever Formula One motor racing champion? And the first black one. Surprisingly, we haven’t heard much of that top line yet. My cousin’s cousin, an aspiring young driver himself, claims to have beaten him regularly when they were kids, but that the powers that were were keen to promote Hamilton because of his novelty value. Whatever will they think of next? A champion black golfer?

Which brings me on nicely to the small matter of some other elections, tomorrow, in the US. Somebody please explain: how does the most powerful and advanced country on earth, with a population of over 300 million, regularly manage to come up with such clowns as Presidential and vice-Presidential candidates? The jury is still out on Obama, but McCain and Palin . . . ?! McCain talks and moves like a character out of Thunderbirds. And as for Palin, what the hell were the Republicans thinking? When Ricky Gervais recently said that she reminded him of David Brent, I think he was being rather unkind to his preposterous alter ego from Slough.

I do worry about Obama’s stance on the Middle East – Israeli bombers will probably be warming their engines for an excursion to Iran before his victory is even confirmed – but, in every other way, there doesn’t seem to be a genuine alternative. Mind you, think what fun it would be having David Brent make speeches from the Oval Office (then again, has it been that different over the past 8 years?).

Well, I guess the problem – of not knowing what to write about – solved itself.

Come again.


3 responses to “Virginal Meanderings

  1. Why have you glossed over the most important event of the last week, nay month…Leeds moving up into an automatic promotion position? How will LUFC fans cope if we go up without the stress of losing at the final hurdle in the play-offs as usual? Things won’t be the same…what will we all have to moan about????

  2. where’s the talk about virgins?

    Jay The Gee

  3. Ok, this contribution is very late.

    RE: The Lewis Hamilton paragraph,

    How do young people get good at motor sports, especially bods from working class areas?

    What are they meant to do, fetch a go cart and career around the local park lake in it?!

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