The Tired End of the Zionist Dream?

What the pihuck (Hebrew for yawn) is this country coming to? A President accused of rape, a Prime Minister under investigation for bribery, a Deputy Prime Minister convicted of forcing his tongue down a female soldier’s throat, a Finance Minister accused of massive embezzlement, and now this . . . a soldier caught yawning.

The shocking story, IDF soldier jailed for yawning during Rabin memorial service, which first hit the headlines yesterday, has taken the country by storm. Does it signal the true end of the Zionist dream, and everything we (well, not me) have fought for?

Most right-thinking people are up in arms that the unnamed offender has been sentenced to 21 days in a military jail. Only three weeks? For a crime involving moral turpitude, and one that can only undermine the very fabric and foundations of Israeli society and democracy?

Many are advocating that the offender’s mother should join him in prison, after claiming that her son was not disrespectful, but tired, and that yawning is an uncontrollable physical act. My God, why would a young man possibly need to yawn? And a soldier at that?

Thankfully, the young blighter wasn’t caught picking his nose or breaking wind, for which surely only a life sentence (with certain exceptions, Israel abolished the death penalty in 1954) would have sufficed.


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