Israel’s Very Own OJs

They were all born in the mid-1940s.
They all came from modest backgrounds.
They all reached the very pinnacle of their chosen careers.
They all seemingly had everything.
Not one of them has even his pride left.

They are all now in their early 60s.
They have all been accused of serious crimes.
They have all protested their innocence.
They have all alleged persecution.
They have all lost the respect of most right-thinking members of society.

One has been brought to justice. Finally.
Most people want the other two brought to account too.

One has now shown some remorse.
Another has been fighting for his state-funded luxury car and office.
And another is doing his utmost to stay in office, and to thwart his successor.

One was a sportsman and an actor. An entertainer.
Another was President. His country’s head of state.
And another is still Prime Minister. His country’s head of government.

I know which two, to my mind, are deserving of most moral opprobrium.


One response to “Israel’s Very Own OJs

  1. Olmert is an accident who only came into the foreground as a result of Sharon’s stroke. He is a politician, and far from being a leader, he is a role model for how not to behave. The Two State Solution, which is what much of the world wants to see is going to be a total and utter disaster for Jews everywhere. No Jew, let alone an Israeli, let alone someone calling themselves “elite” could ever lead this country to suicide and call themselves a leader at the same time.

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