Gideon Levy: Neighborhood Inciter a Testament to Cast-Iron Democracy

For many in Israel, Gideon Levy is Public Enemy Number One. The journalist, and editorial board member, at the left-wing Haaretz newspaper never ceases to sicken and appall with his anti-“everything Zionist” writing.

gideon-levy5His article, yesterday, The neighborhood bully [perverting the title of a pro-Israel Dylan song] strikes again – responding to the first day of Operation Cast Lead – was an excellent case in point.

I haven’t got the energy, or inclination, to dissect his unprofessionally one-sided and fallacious arguments (I won’t let melchett mike deteriorate into one of those tedious and dreary “mediawatch”-type blogs), but this man – of, at best, questionable, and, at worst, traitorous, motives – is a wonderful testament to the impressive democracy that has evolved in this country over a mere sixty years.

If Levy had been a “loony left” Palestinian living in Gaza – rather than an Israeli (residing, no doubt, in some swanky suburb of Tel Aviv) – he wouldn’t dare have written such things against Hamas or his people.

If he had, his testicles would have been put on public display at the Tate Modern, Gaza . . . though only after they had been removed by an epileptic Hamasnik wielding blunt preschool paper scissors, stuffed up his rear, and then sent to his family for identification.

Now, there’s an idea . . .


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