Aren’t Hamas ironic . . . don’t you think?

I couldn’t help but be wryly amused by a statement emanating from Hamas, these past few days, comparing Israeli soldiers who had entered Gaza to “rats”.

Even fitter than the IDF

Morissette: Even fitter than the IDF

Considering that Hamas fighters are scurrying around underground tunnels (tails between their legs),  the “rats” analogy – made by spokesman, Ismail Radwan, on Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV (is there an Al Jazeera mosque?) – is more than a little ironic.

This is especially so when one further considers that – while Hamas leaders have been hiding throughout the entire conflict (as my Airstrike on Gaza post, on day one, predicted they would) – Israel’s top commanders have chosen to remain in the field, side by side with their men (Ha’aretz article).

Even Palestinian sources are blaming Hamas for not coming out and fighting the IDF; but rather taking refuge in, and shooting from, densely populated areas, leaving innocent civilians to bear the brunt of the inevitable IDF response. Senior Hamas officials have, apparently, even been hiding in hospital maternity wards. (Ha’aretz article)

So who exactly, Mr. Radwan,  are the “rats”?!

Even Alanis couldn’t help but be struck by the irony.


2 responses to “Aren’t Hamas ironic . . . don’t you think?

  1. The question really is – who is their pied piper?

  2. what,s with the Hamas command centre beneath the main hospital in Gaza.Word has it that the Shia controlled Sunni lapdogs and the Mads Norwegian doctor regularly meet down there for late afternoon drinks while above ground the natives are held hostage by the few remaining thugs who won,t fight because it,s to dangerous .

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