F*ck you, too

[melchett mike, talking to his reflection in his laptop screen, after suffering a fortnight of “F*ck Israel” and “F*ck Jews” . . . ]

Well, f*ck you, too. F*ck you and this whole Jew-hating world. F*ck all the  protesters who, it seems, don’t believe Jews have a right to defend themselves. Where have you been these past eight years, while missiles have been landing on our women and children every day? And what would you have done if they were landing on yours, you self-righteous hypocrites? F*ck Bianca Jagger and Annie Lennox, and all the other has-beens, who have been trying to revive their flagging careers aboard the human rights bus (the one which doesn’t stop in Israel). F*ck Roseanne Barr and Alexei Sayle, and all the other “rent a Jews”. You are a f*cking disgrace. F*ck George “Hezbollah has never been a terrorist organisation” Galloway, the nauseating Scottish prick, who spends his entire wretched existence kissing-up to Muslims. For someone who claims he didn’t admire Saddam (but who “salute[d his] courage, strength and indefatigability”), you might as well have been blowing the genocidal maniac. F*ck Ken Livingstone, the “concentration camp guard”-comparing, Hugo Chávez-supporting, hypocrite. If you and Galloway spent less time offending Jews, you wouldn’t need to spend so much claiming you are not anti-Semites. F*ck Robert Fisk, Gideon Levy and Amira Hass, those Arab-loving affronts to objective journalism. F*ck the pompous, self-righteous BBC. We might as well try to get the truth off Al Jazeera. F*ck the Turks, the Armenian-murdering, Kurdish-persecuting, women-subjecting, wrong hole-f*cking hypocrites. F*ck Ahmedinejad, the poisonous Persian dwarf in his M&S summer jackets. Did no one ever tell you M&S was Jewish?! F*ck the terrorist-protecting “human shields”. What were you expecting when you stood in front of Caterpillars, you dumb assholes?! F*ck the UN and its double standards. How come you can always find Gaza on your maps, but never Congo, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, . . . ? F*ck the Palestinians, the miserable f*cking low-lives, spurning every opportunity for peace that has come their way. F*ck all the Arabs, who despise the Palestinians more than anyone, and have only ever used them for their own Evil, self-serving ends. F*ck Abu “Hook Hands” Hamza, who should be left to rot and die in his stinking Belmarsh sty. Every time you try to wipe, and scratch your ass to f*ck, repent for being the bomb-making terrorist that you are. F*ck the memories of the treasonous filth who blew themselves up on London Transport. May every one of your 72 virgins be hung like a horse. F*ck Mashal, Nasrallah and Bin Laden, sending their sons to their deaths while hiding like rats in their bunkers. And f*ck Hamas, for using mosques, women and children to protect their own yellow asses. Get the Vaseline ready . . . your virgins are on their way! Believe me, neither Allah nor Mohammed gives a flying f*ck about any of you Evil bastards. From the protests in Edinburgh to the demos in Auckland. From the slums of Bradford to the rat-infested tunnels of Gaza. From Finsbury Park Mosque to every other one preaching lies, hatred and murder. Let the bombs land, let the fires rage, let Evil burn to f*cking ash, and then let the waters rise and submerge it.


But, also, f*ck you, melchett mike . . . for ever expecting anything else.

(And f*ck you, Monty Brogan, for giving me the idea.)


50 responses to “F*ck you, too

  1. Sit on the fence why don’t you…

  2. Dear Mike
    Cool down, dont waste your energy on them.
    Could the game on Saturday affected your writing 🙂
    F*ck Them ALL

  3. Must feel good to let it all out though, and in a public forum too! Makes me want to do the same. So far I’ve just been hurling obscenities at my own computer/TV screen, which is about as pointless as swearing at the top of your lungs at moron drivers on the road who can’t drive, but with your windows rolled right up so that only you can hear it (and any other innocent passengers who suddenly get to see this whole other side of you they didn’t know existed).

    Anyway, good going Mike. You’re slowly inspiring me to start my own Blog.

  4. Hey Mike,
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing. Good on ya.

  5. Too f*cking right! Great post!

  6. …what a joke!

    serious analysis! F*ck all!

    Its a shame you work on the basis that – “if you are not with us – you are against us!”

  7. About time you came around to my way of thinking….KACH CHAI

  8. Bravo! Ilove you. Agree with every word and breath.

  9. Kol Hakavod!!!!
    F’ck all those anti Semitic bastards.
    I will spread the word.

  10. F*cking A One, Mike. Best analysis I have read of the current situation.

  11. Just briliant!

  12. nothing shocks this ex-menorah gal.
    Loved it and maybe you can catch the bus with this to Channel 4 studio -Im sure it stops there.

  13. very elloquant!

  14. Oh wow!

    I’m an Arab and a Muslim, and aside from everything,

    I gotta tell ya, I do agree with the idea that Arabs should f*ck off, am just sick and tiered, SICK & TIERED of us!

    so to f*ck with everything.

  15. well said! i agree with every word. i wish more people had the balls to speak up. its time to get amped! you go friend..

  16. andre odendaal

    u go boy! agree totally with you about all the fuckin has been entertainer meglomaniacs trying everything for a bit of publicity. i am an actor/director myself and find all that crap highly stupid. at least you saying what you feel

  17. Well Mike my recent reply about holding out hands of peace takes brave men seems a little out of place now having read many of your blogs.

    Keep blogging… how are the noisy Israelis in that cafe doing? all power to you son.

  18. F*ck you arabs for hating your children more than you hate us…..

  19. The Sunni,s mainly in the Gulf States couldn,t care two hoots about the fanatical extremist
    rabble rousing ,cold blooded Shia killing machine (Iran) and it,s Hezbollah & Hamas lackeys.We know this from Egypt,s statement at the time of Israel,s incursion into Gaza ,they said that Hamas provoked the retaliation .All the Saudi,s and their fellow Sunnis can only scrape together one billion dollars of the 4 billion plus they were raking in daily with oil prices at a hundred and 47 dollars a barrel ,for reconstruct
    -ion in Gaza .Rather puzzling ,strange etc.
    The Arab League says one thing ,Fatah another .
    So who,s fooling who?

  20. what does Annie Lennox know or care about the Middle East ,after all it,s been 15 or so years since the Eurythmics stopped making music.
    Disrespectful George and Ken the RED are no longer role players ,just Leftist loud mouths with their hands open trying to catch some of that oil money from the fascist Muslims .Saddam is six feet under in case George forgot ,no more sanctions busting deals with the Sunni madman who gassed all those Kurds at Halabja in 1988.

  21. While I agree with your sentiments. It would come across better if you did not lower yourself to the level of our enemies by using this language. After all we are here to bring Hashem into this world and raise all standards where possible. Please don’t take this amiss.

  22. about bloody time a jew spoke up. I am sick to death with these sanctimoneous people around the world speaking up for the Palestinians and TOTALLY ignoring the fact the Hamas have been firing MISSILES into Israel for all these years. HOORAY to you MIKE

  23. Nicely said.

  24. you forgot to mention Olmert Amir Peretz , sharon and the other Kadima criminals…

  25. and f.ck the rest of the dish-cloth headed camel jockeys too………NUKE THE MOTHER – F.CKERS! These scum bags have given the world nothing but death and destruction. I hope that the butch bitch Lennox and her buddies are on the wrong side of the next suicide bomber.

  26. I enjoyed reading it .The problem is that the world is getting more antisemitic than ever.
    Even here in South Africa COSATU is siding with the Muslims and condeming Israel .Its inborn racial hatred ,people cannot help themselves when it comes to hating the Jews.
    Thank God we have Israel that we can all support and supports us.What happens if America forgets about Israel one day ie developing other sources of energy.Then what?
    Dont worry ,Arms sales is the biggest industry.Nobody likes it when the Jews stand up for themselves they only like it when we are lining up to go into the gas chambers .
    Without prayers we are also fked Dont think that the IDF can do it alone.

  27. they have tried wiping us out for 4,ooo years – like the Phoenicians, the Babylonians etc , but babyshoes we gonna stick around for ever and ever so just accept that and stop the killing fields.

  28. Call a spade a spade.you don’t have to call it a f*cking shovel/

  29. Now tell us what you really think! Great work. I could have not expressed these sentiments better myself.

  30. I hope your lot have finally flattened the mongtards in Gaza, what a bunch of dicks, dont fire rockets dont get White Phos thrown at you … simple.

  31. Which letter in the alphabet is replaced by “*” ? I couldn’t find the word in my dictionary…..

  32. Can I just add

    Fuck Off Bill Bailey
    Fuck Off Samatha Morton
    Fuck Off Peter Mullan
    Fuck Off any other c*nt that threatens not to work for the BBC for not showing their propoganda film. We won’t miss you

    Fuck Off Oxfam
    Fuck Off Save the Children
    Fuck Off Islamic Relief
    Fuck off Cafod
    Fuck Off DEC

  33. F*ck yeah!!!

  34. Don’t forget, Annie Lennox is actually married to an Israeli and her children’s names are Rosenberg or something like that

  35. I think Annie Lennox got divorced years ago from the Israeli, which is why she is so anti at the moment…………!

  36. She’s a f#$%ing racehorse lookalike. Should introduce her to Kassrils who has a face like a punchbag then put them both in front of firing squads

  37. Thank you – add some more F k u’s to your list – there are lots of them out there – poor stupid bastards

  38. Welldone my boy !
    As the Australian Primeminister said,’If they don’t F**king well like it ,thyey FUCK OFF to some other country.’
    Mind you, Annie Lennox is anti semetic because she’s divorced from an Israeli.
    Being married to an Israeli is enough to make anyone anti semetic !

  39. And that smug faggot Kasrills better bring body guards next time he comes to shul – lots of us waiting for the c%^t

  40. Kasrils – born Jewish – This faggot Commie idiot, know that he’s Jewish –
    Born of Russian Jewish parents he is a disgrace of note. Ronnie, my father told me about you and he was being nice when he referred to you as a “peice of trash”

  41. Daniel Bentley

    I heartily endorse your sentiments Mike -Daniel (Hasmo 59 to 66)

  42. Reblogged this on melchett mike and commented:
    I have never “reblog[ged]”, but this post – penned five and a half years ago at the height of Operation Cast Lead – is, with all the disgraceful hypocrisy and thinly-veiled anti-Semitism that we are witnessing in these dark days, well worth (I would modestly suggest!) a revisit . . .

  43. Edgar Dorsay

    Fucking brilliant

  44. We worth the reblog, the only thing that has changed is the more direct references to Hitler and Gas Chambers. It would appear that rabid anti-semitimitism is returning to high fashion.

  45. Well even… typos! f*ck ’em.

  46. Still fresh 5 years later. Just replace the pronouns with this year’s models. Thanks for reposting, MM.

  47. philip lehrer

    Mike, it`s not veiled anymore. Did you see the John Snow or should I say “Wanker” “interrogation”, definitely not interview, of Mark Regev. I can`t understand why we even agree to apologise in front of those Brit, looney-left, Mandate-nostalgic, Islamo-Fascist loving, poofters. Luv ya.

  48. I don’t quite understand the expressive desire to have sexual intercourse with all those people you so detest …. apart from anything else, do you have the strength?

  49. Anthony Mammon

    Well said. I couldn’t have put it in politer terms if I tried. It’s a waste of breath trying to reason with the morons you mention, so you may as well enjoy wasting your breath on these a##holes!

  50. F*ck Jon Snow, F*ck Channel 4, F*ck Dermot Murnaghan, F*ck Mary Robinson. F*ck World.

    Time for some soap and water.


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