melchett mike’s Gaza Crisis Appeal

Gazza, Italia '90The refusal of the BBC and Sky to broadcast the appeal to raise funds for Gaza is nothing less than heartless and cruel. Okay, he’s a washed-up, wife-beating alcoholic . . . but he shed tears for his country.

Alright, I shouldn’t joke about such matters, and, by way of apology, would like to publish melchett mike‘s very own Gaza Crisis Appeal . . .

The recent three-week conflict took the one and a half million residents of Gaza completely by surprise. Even though they themselves elected Hamas, they were duped into believing that they were voting for a benevolent party seeking peaceful coexistence with its neighbour, and had absolutely no idea that they were, instead, choosing to be governed by Islamofascist terrorists, whose very raison d’être is the destruction of Israel. Also, it simply never occurred to them that Israel might want to defend itself after suffering eight years of rocket attacks.

Moreover, ordinary Gazans had no inkling that the same Islamofascist terrorists whom they had elected would use them, their families and their children as “human shields”, and their  homes, schools, hospitals and mosques as arsenals, to fight from and hide behind.

melchett mike can guarantee that, contrary to what is believed by many Jews and Israelis, the world aid organisations coming to Gaza’s assistance are in no way anti-Israel, and also that all donations will go directly to the innocent victims of the recent conflict . . . and none whatsoever find their way into the hands of Islamofascist terrorists, for the purpose of rearming with deadly weapons and/or filling their own pockets.

So, send in your hard-earned cash! After all, wouldn’t you have done the same, during WWII, for the poor residents of Hamburg and Dresden?

How your donation could help . . .

Delightful caricatures£10 could help buy a Gaza child a new illustrated school textbook, replete with delightful, educational caricatures and cartoons. 


Essential toy£50 could help buy a Gaza child his or her very own Grad or Kassam rocket, an essential toy for any youngster.


Educational summer camp£250 could help send a Gaza child to an educational summer camp (where he or she won’t just learn soccer skills), to be supervised throughout by excellent role models. 

Once-in-a-lifetime journey£500 could help a Gaza child lose one of his or her parents, by sending them on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to f*ck virgins.


 John Demjanjuk

And, rest assured, if there is any cash left over from the Appeal, it will be used to provide ageing Nazi war criminals with a more comfortable retirement. 

Thank you for your generous support . . . melchett mike knows it will ‘change lives’.

(Naturally, melchett mike would dearly love to volunteer on the ground in Gaza, himself . . . but, sadly, as an Israeli, he is not allowed to enter. Anyway, the nightlife in Tel Aviv is far better.)


5 responses to “melchett mike’s Gaza Crisis Appeal

  1. Yes.. Yes Hamas Help Gaza 2 kik the fuck out of israel

  2. I don’t think that’s quite what the statistics show, nogsuibn!

    [If anyone would care to discuss further with nogsuibn (or teach it how to spell), its email address is:]

  3. Wow Really WOW. You are saying we should not help people that had no say in this. You dont like those people so you dont care about them. sounds little like nazi shit to me.

  4. No, Anon, I am saying that we should not help people who had some say in it (or who turned a blind eye). If that is what they call a “Nazi” these days, then get me that uniform!

  5. Ha ha. Amusing. I like your replies to the first 2 comments too. You’re on a role Mike 🙂

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