Kaufman: Enough to make your Rabbi anti-Semitic

Gerald KaufmanBritish Member of Parliament Gerald Kaufman has always gone to extreme lengths to point out how the State of Israel has embarrassed him “as a Jew” (see my earlier post on the lovely gentleman).

Now, “Dame” Gerald has brought shame on all law-abiding British Jews by his, at very best, avaricious, and, at worst, thoroughly dishonest expenses claims for his second home (as reported in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph).

The following are some of Kaufman’s claims, which can only serve to reinforce the stereotypical perception of “The Jew” held (and disseminated) by Britain’s most virulent anti-Semites: 

  • £28,834 for work on his “slum” (his word) in the swanky central London suburb of Regent’s Park (he accepted a substantially reduced sum in order to “draw a line under the issue” . . . and not, of course, because pursuing the full amount might have opened a Pandora’s box)
  • £8,865 for a 40-inch (to accommodate his head perhaps) Bang & Olufsen TV (a claim laughed off by Kaufman as perhaps “a bit daft”)
  • £1,851 for a rug imported from a Manhattan antique store
  • A claim for a gas account that was actually in credit
  • Pushing various claims to their absolute limits (on one occasion, to within six pence!)

Kaufman then had the temerity to bully House of Commons Fees Office clerks for merely doing their jobs in querying the claims.

Following all of his moralising about Israel, surely a man of such exemplary principle would not have swindled (or attempted to) the British taxpayer, would he?

I’ve got news for you, “Dame” Gerald: you don’t need Israel to embarrass you “as a Jew” . . . when you are doing such a damn good job, all by yourself!


18 responses to “Kaufman: Enough to make your Rabbi anti-Semitic

  1. Moshe Abelesz

    Turns out that the lady of morality, Clare Short, who “broke the Israeli siege” of Gaza and organised for Hamas leaders to address Parliament via video conferencing, has also been fiddling the books.

    Mike, has Gorgeous George been squeeky clean in this affair?

  2. Having been an MP for Glasgow for so many years, not even Gaza appears “slum”-like to the “Gorgeous” one . . . though a 40-inch LCD would be nowhere near big enough for his head!!

  3. Moshe Abelesz

    Another self-hating Jewish MP, George Cohen, apparently has fiddled the system for over £100,000. An article in The Sunday Times says that he blames Thatcher:

    “The long-serving Labour MP, who had claimed hundreds of thousands for a second-home allowance while designating as a “main home” a single-bedroom schoolhouse 70 miles from his constituency, explained on his website:

    In the mid-1980s Conservative backbenchers pressurised Margaret Thatcher to increase their salaries. She instructed the Treasury minister John Moore to meet their demands without an outright salary increase. He did this via allowances, particularly the additional cost allowance, which he confirmed would be a light system as far as receipts were concerned. As such, the allowance was meant to be a salary addendum.

    So, you see, it was all Thatcher’s fault and nothing whatever to do with any decisions taken by Cohen as a free moral agent in the intervening 25 years.”

  4. I think you mean Harry Cohen . . . not 1966 World Cup winner, George!!

  5. Steve Davis

    about time for another bloody revolution, by george

  6. The astonishing thing is that Oliver Kamm, Times leader writer and top blogger, has suggested Kaufman should be the replacement Speaker for bully-boy Michael Martin.

  7. Howard Fertleman

    Is there any way that you can send this part of your blog to Kaufman, to get him to respond? It will be interesting to hear him comment about how Jews are embarrassed about him and how he has created anti-semitism all on his own, without ‘help’ from “Zionists”.

  8. I love this post. I love it all about Kaufman. Hopefully the last we see of him. I agree with Howard. We must send this to Kaufman. He came out of his home and refused to give an interview to Sky stating he had more important issues.

  9. I drive past “Korrfman” every day on the way in to central London. He stands by a bus stop near Regents Park waiting for a bus – a bus he’ll no doubt try and claim for as an expense next year!!

    PS I have a confession. About 3 weeks ago I was driving in and saw him at the bus stop – I was stopped in traffic near Lords Cricket Ground and was on the phone to a mate. This friend and I regularly text or call each other about “star” or celeb “spots”. On this occasion this was a “live” spot, so I duly reported it. He then dared me to heckle Geraldo. I proceeded to shout out “oi you, you ugly bald bastard!!!” several times. Unbelievably, he didn’t seem to notice, until a smartly dressed chap pointed me out saying “I think that man is trying to talk to you!”

    At that point I accelerated away!

    After all that’s come out in the last 2 weeks, I’d gladly stop the car, get out and say it to his face!

  10. Next time, Antony, don’t “stop the car” . . . drive it into the bus stop!

    The Palestinians have got a history of doing that, so Kaufman can have no complaints. And it will save the British taxpayer a lot of money.

    So, everyone’s a winner!

  11. Yitzchak Landau


    Perhaps his OCD explains his obsession with constantly and unashamedly criticising Israel! Incidentally, I am told by a reliable source that he has a row entirely to himself in St Johns Wood shul for Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur because no-one either wants to sit next to or be associated with him.

  12. Hi Mike,

    It was indeed interesting to note that Dame Gerald has been outed by the investigation into MPs abusing their expense claims.

    In (I believe it was) 1974, I was travelling to Israel on El Al from London. I happened to be seated next to Dame Gerald. It took me a while to recognise him and I asked him if he was Gerald Kaufman. We then chatted for a while and he started to voice criticisms of Israel actions towards the Palestinians. He pontificated that he knew what Israel had to do vis-a-vis the Arabs. I took issue with his idiotic assertions and he went on to say things about Israel not being a truly socialist country (as if Britain was). I contradicted every one of his statements and our voices became louder and louder as he tried to shout me down.

    To my parents’ embarrassment (they were seated a row or two behind), the chief steward had to approach us and ask us to quieten down. Kaufman then spouted the “Do you know who I am?” response and the cabin steward remained non-committal. At that point I decided that I wanted nothing more to do with this self-opinionated self-hating Jewish loudmouth and would have moved, had there been another seat available.

    I never asked him what he was doing in Israel. I must admit that the incident was never that important to me. It was only much much later when he adopted his far more openly hostile attitude to Israel that I recalled that event. I am sure that the pompous Dame Gerald will not even recall the incident. After all, who was I, a mere voter, arguing with a British MP? Anyway, who gives a sh*t about him? Certainly not his poor grandmother, who might have survived had there been a homeland for her.

    Another fellow to follow is Brian Klug, a former Hasmonean, who is a violent critic of Israel and prominent in British academia. His older brother Harold was a friend of mine right through Hasmonean Primary and on to the Grammar School. We both left Hasmonean in 1961. For a few years after school I did bump into Harold from time to time, but have had no contact with him for at least forty years.

    It would be great to pin that obnoxious ass Brian to a wall and throw something nasty at him. Knew him as a little kid still in nappies, had no idea that the little pisser would be a self-hater. His parents were members of Kinloss Gardens Synagogue – very wealthy and big donors to Jewish and Israel causes (not least the Hasmonean School Group) way back then.

    My late maternal grandfather, who escaped Germany for England in 1938 (he originally came from Poland), often told me how the wealthy Jews of Germany who had been in Germany for some centuries could never believe that Hitler meant them as well as those dirty new immigrants from eastern Europe. It was a tragic shock to their absorbtion and love of Germanic culture.

    Unfortunately there are “Court Jews” all over the place, not least in the UK. And look at the US, where Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod have colluded with an idiot president to endanger Israel. Even Carter did not go quite so far. Just venting off some steam at the sociopathic leaders who presume to have all the answers and know nothing.

    Loved your blog about the date. Keep trying. Somewhere out there is the girl for you. Mind you, I had to travel all the way to the southern tip of Africa to find mine!

    Shalom from Cape Town,


  13. Paul Kaufman

    I think it’s only appropriate for you to edit this part of the blog and correct any inference notwithstanding to myself; perhaps by amending the wankers name to: ”Gerard Kaufman”, NOT: ”Kaufman”, which some might take to be me. If you don’t, I’ll be very disappointed, and won’t accept your grovelling pleas when you beg for forgiveness in a few weeks!

  14. I’m surprised to hear that Gerald Kaufman is so anti Israel. I don’t know where I’ve been for the past few years. I really can’t abide Jews with those opinions. Why do we need enemies from without when we seem to do such a good job from within. Is he not aware of all the hatred around the world directed against us without his contribution? A disgrace is what I call it but only in polite circles!

  15. Kaufman v Cameron PMQ Israel 26:11:2014

    Kaufman got owned

  16. Suzanne Landau

    I worked in my early 20’s for Labour Friends of Israel so I knew Gerald Kaufman slightly. A more loathsome man I have yet to meet. A posturing peacock with a highly inflated opinion of himself, his ego knew no bounds. He would come to LFI meetings which were often held at the House of Commons as the Chairman at the time was Lord Glenamara. He came to make trouble. Always. I used to take Minutes. His hateful anti-Israel comments used to make me feel sick. I hated him. Once Lord Glenamara told him to get out of a meeting after almost a standup row. As he walked off I stuck out my foot and he tripped over. It was very satisfying. My reward for doing this? The flame haired Baroness Birk took me to tea on the terrace of the private restaurant at the House of Commons which overlooks the Thames. This man was not liked.

  17. Great story, Suzanne. Thanks! He was a true swine. Hope he rots.

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