Hasmo Legends XVII: Undated Masters Photograph

Following the interest in Hasmo Legends XVI: 1959 School Photograph (now in close-up enabling sections), ex-Hasmo Gary Hersham (1964-1971) has come forward with the following gem, which Gary seems to believe is from the early 1960s (a more precise date, anyone?)

I have included the names of the accused (as provided by Gary) below the photograph, and will be pleased, with readers’ assistance, to fill in the gaps.

It would be nice to receive readers’ recollections about each of them.

Seated: Frank, ?, Stanton, ?, Meyer, ?. Standing: Ellman, ?, ?, Katzenberg, Cohn, Wahrhaftig.

To view a larger image, click here.

Many thanks, Gary.


19 responses to “Hasmo Legends XVII: Undated Masters Photograph

  1. Yet another fascinating photo, however I’ve got a gut feeling that this one dates back even earlier than the 1959 school photograph… some of the main characters look younger here especially Mr. Stanton z”l. The whole atmosphere is pre-historic – somewhere between “Tom Brown’s Schooldays” and “Goodbye Mr. Chips”… but as I said, it’s just a gut feeling.

  2. That was my feeling, too, Robert, not least because Mr. Stanton’s specs look similar to those that my father wore in the early 1950s . . . and those in the 1959 photo seem rather more modern.

    But who am I to question my supplier?!

  3. This is definitely fascinating. The guy at the extreme right back row is Rabbi Wahrhaftig z”l. I too believe this photo to be from the early 50’s

  4. I think Mitch Taylor was already at Hasmonean.

    Could he be the character, second from left at the back sporting a moustache?

  5. Interesting speculation, Daniel, though my guess is not.

    Even more interesting, why has the gentleman seated second from left got his right hand down his trousers (even though it might explain why his eyes are closed)?

    Mr. Katzenberg bears a startling resemblance to Oliver Hardy. Shame he wasn’t at Hasmo with Mr. Tarrant. They could have formed a fine double act!

  6. Okay, this picture is definitely not from the 1960s.

    Compare Elman and Myers they are both younger in this picture than in the 1959 one. Moreover, Stanton had rheumatism in his fingers in 1959 photo while in the 1960s one, his hands are fine. Don’t tell me the condition it went away in the 1960s only to return in the 70s.

    I smell a conspiracy!

  7. Stiff Little Fingers started in 1977, Daniel.

    I am glad that there have been no cheap rheumatism gigs . . . sorry, gags, here.

    This blog should be above that kind of thing.

  8. “Stiff Little Fingers started in 1977, Daniel.”

    Nonsense (unless there’s some double meaning I’ve missed). I arrived in 1972-3 and they were quite rheumatic.

    Based on the 1959 picture I’d guess about 1957 (October).

  9. For someone seemingly so sure of himself – and of everyone else’s “nonsense” – you “miss” rather a lot, Daniel!

  10. Yup, I had a feeling I was missing something.

  11. Yes this is definitely pre my 1959 photo.
    Rabbi Wahrhaftig taught me JS, more correctly attempted unsuccessfully to, and died as a consequence, in frustation, by the time the 1959 photo was taken. Sad really he was a good guy!

  12. The one sitting on the right of Willie as you face him is surely none other than, of course its obvious….. Rabbi Roberg…….they always sat together.

  13. Wow! I think you’re right. Could that handsome, almost film star looking character really be Roberg?

  14. The person 4 from the left sitting, is my father, Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld. Today he is a leading Rabbi in New York, The picture must have been taken before September 1950, because that is when we moved to New York.
    By the way, my father is the brother- in-law of Chef Rabbi Jakobovits A’H.

  15. Steve Graniewitz

    Check this link out… school photo 1993. Its after my time but there are some class close ups of the teachers.


  16. Regarding the photo, the teacher to the right of Mr Frank could be a Mr Kessel, a friendly easy going man with some missing finger(s). He was there when I was at the school 1953-59

  17. Leon Chameides

    The photo of the teachers probably dates from 1949 or the latest 1950. I attended Hasmo 1948-1949 and remember most of those in the photo: L to R sitting: Frank, ?, W.W. Stanton, Fabian Schoenfeld (later Rabbi); Myer (with the beautiful voice), Shulman. Standing: Ellman, ?, ?, Katzenberg, Cohn, Rabbi Warhaftig.
    Brings back a lot of memories. Thank you

  18. Harold Rosenfelder

    I am virtually certain that this photo is pre-1953. The teacher seated second left is definitely Mr. Kessel who taught geography (and almost convinced me that Brazil’s major export was nuts!).

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