Giving too much of a f*ck: kiosk counselling

I took Tali to the kiosk on Rothschild for the first time on Sunday morning.    

Bringing a new girlie to the kiosk is no less of an ordeal or a statement than introducing her to your mother (not least because wake-up coffee is the clearest indication that you are no longer sleeping only with your dogs).    

Avi “Borsa” (so-called because of his preoccupation with the stock market), who rarely descends from his stool once parked on it, made an immediate point of coming over to take a good look. Indeed, I was half expecting him, like an inquisitive child in Madame Tussauds, to reach out and touch Tali’s nose.    

Anyway, by the following morning, when I was at the kiosk on my own, the news was clearly out – it was official: (to those not already cognisant of my formidable record with the ladies) I was definitely not now gay, celibate, or just incapable of pulling.    

Dalia, a fifty-something mother of two, was disappointed, even frustrated, to have missed Tali the previous day (having departed her perch slightly earlier than usual). Avi, however, had already updated her.    

“So, who is she?” Dalia enquired, before my bottom had even hit the stool.    

“Just a girl,” I replied nonchalantly.    

“She’s nice,” Avi interjected, and then repeated, providing the affirmation he believed I must have been waiting for.    

“Thank you, Avi,” I replied, playing along as genuinely grateful to have received the green light to continue the relationship.    

“Take her to a nice restaurant,” Dalia instructed. “To Pronto,” she immediately followed up, as if I was not capable, on my own, of identifying a nice restaurant.    

Omitting to mention that Tali’s mother had invited us – and with an unjustified, therefore, air of self-satisfaction – I informed Dalia that we had already been to Idi, a classy fish restaurant in Ashdod. Dalia gave Avi a look as if to say: “You see. I told you. He is not such a clueless twerp after all.”    

Having passed (even if by cheating) that test, Dalia moved onto her next piece of advice. “Take her away somewhere nice for the weekend.” Avi, 49 and single – though, on this showing, clearly not because he knows not the ways to woo a lady – nodded enthusiastically. I ignored them both.    

“How long are you going to wait?” Dalia – on a now inexorable roll, and only just moving into fifth gear – continued, “Ilan and I got married after two and a half months.”    

“We are just getting to know each other, Dalia!”    

She rolled her eyes. My mother would love Dalia for all of this.    

“Anyway,” I said, “I am too young to rush into anything.” Dalia doesn’t get my humour (or attempts thereat).    

But how does an Englishman deal with such unbridled directness and complete lack of boundaries? Dalia and Avi are, after all, kiosk friends and no more. 

The kiosk, however, is not unlike the kibbutz chadar ochel (dining room) – it is as if, by merely sitting there, one waives one’s right to a private life. 

Perhaps, however, I waived that simply by making aliyah. Indeed, the Diaspora Jew’s guiding principle – “Don’t get involved” – could not be more alien to the Israeli. In fact, he likes nothing more: from advice on dating, to my current weight, my taste in clothes, to how I might better train the dogs (see Who the f*ck asked you?!

The flip side, of course, of all of this is echpatiyut, Hebrew for caring. In England, no one gives a f*ck, often even about those close to them (never mind virtual strangers).    

Anyway, perhaps it is it just that Dalia believes that a guy like me is not going to take the plunge without a little (or, in her case, not so little) push . . . and that it is her duty to inform me that, at 42, I must take whatever I can get.    

I saw Dalia again yesterday morning, when even the seemingly imperative question of where I pick up my gas mask could not distract her.    

“You have to take Tali to meet your mother,” she reopened the issue.

After all this, my mum is going to be a walk in the park.    

The kiosk, Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv


8 responses to “Giving too much of a f*ck: kiosk counselling

  1. Daniel Marks

    I have been on two dates with the author of this excellent blog. The first was a foursome with Kopaloff and Feigenbaum while the second was more intimate, just us and the four dogs (a year-old joke).

    Without giving too much away, both I and Kopaloff can, therefore, attest to the fact that Tali is one very lucky lady. Stuey, Ellis and Dexxy too.

  2. And I can confirm that, on both occasions, Daniel swallowed. With gusto even. Though he did say grace.

    PS Is Ellis’s sandwiching between Stuey and Dexxy intentional? I am not sure they will be happy about it . . .

  3. Well Mike, hope it’ll be if it’s meant to be…….as promised, I tried my best for you vis-a-vis your one-time counterpart, in Re: the Meshugganer Mother-in-Law (aka the Insane Insured), but to no avail I’m afraid. Couldn’t really picture her perched at the kiosk anyway.

    So here’s for hoping this time.


  4. Mike,
    It seems you have walked into something comfortable and right… I knew you would and I am happy for you.
    I love the blog. . . I was right there with you!

  5. I am glad you are not my Solicitor, Dan! I seem to recall my instructions being that there was just no “chemistry”, and to let it lie?!

    Thank you, Carmen. I will just ask Tali whether she would have any objection to my concluding a little unfinished “business” in Minnesota! 😉

  6. Jonathan Bernstein

    What is Dalia’s surname?

  7. Hi Mike I looked up your Blog after getting chatting to a woman from Tel Aviv on a Uk dating site . I was ofcourse looking for the best way to get into her …heart. I have to say that your Blog is awesome, full of insightful and very witty stories which have had me laughing inside since the first paragraph . Thanks for sharing your experiences and you humour . Although I’m not sure if it will help me at all dating wise it is a totally enjoyable read ..have you considered making into an ebook and selling on Amazon? As there are many poorer quality tomes out there which really don’t deserve to be read at all. Unlike yours which is a hoot 👍🏽


  8. Thank you for your kind words, Mark. Your suspicion that this might not be the best address for sound dating advice is reliable! 😉 I am quite happy with this format . . . it is nice being able to write without expect anything in return other than comments like yours! Best, Mike

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