World Trade Center set for suicide bomber memorial

From today’s Independent . . .

While the controversy over plans to build an Islamic center and mosque just two blocks away from Ground Zero continues, other plans have come to light for a monument to shahids or fedayeen – i.e., suicide bombers and ‘martyrs’ – on the very site of their most dastardly act: the World Trade Center.

The Allahu Akbar Foundation wants to erect the memorial – comprising three figures: Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta, together with an “unknown martyr” (with wires hanging out of his clothing and his thumb on a switch) – at the entrance to 1 World Trade Center (due for completion in 2013).

The artist: Fuqn-Youslus, in her Gaza City home

The figures, made from scrap metal garnered from the twisted wreckage of Israeli buses, took the celebrated Palestinian artist, Miwurqs Fuqn-Youslus, over two days to complete.

“It would have taken even less,” said Fuqn-Youslus from her home (or, at least, what’s left of it) in Gaza City, “but there is a shortage of decent quality niqabs (head coverings) in the shuk as a result of the Israeli blockade. My current one is not a good fit, and the slit keeps riding over my eyes while I work! Oh yes, and there is also the matter of my one arm . . .” (Hamas officials amputated Fuqn-Youslus’s right arm at the elbow after she refused her husband sex without good cause).

The initial reaction of New Yorkers, however, to the latest plans – including of families of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks – has been far from enthusiastic.

“Why don’t they just spit on the graves of the three thousand people who were murdered here?” said the father of one such victim, a New York firefighter.

The founder of The Allahu Akbar Foundation, however, Aamer Zileeh-Qunt, can’t see what all the fuss is about.

“We are hearing a lot of propaganda and lies against Muslims – this monument commemorates good men and is not disrespectful in any way,” said Mr. Zileeh-Qunt from his hideout in a remote region of Pakistan. “And it is not just a memorial to martyrs, but also to those who wanted to be but, for example, were too thick to pass the flying course or who, like my brother Abu Hamza in Belmarsh (prison), could not follow the simple instructions in their jihadi bomb-making manuals.”

Various American Reform rabbis have given their support to the planned monument, as has the Jewish lobbying group J Street.

And the reaction in Britain has also been supportive, with Member of Parliament Gerald Kaufman going so far as to claim that opposition to the memorial constitutes an insult to the memory of his late grandmother.

“As a Jew,” declared Mr. Kaufman from outside his Regent’s Park home (that of the dodgy expenses claim), “I am ashamed that some of my coreligionists are behind this ignoble attempt to derail what is, after all, an entirely innocent monument. My grandmother, who was murdered by the Nazis, died in vain if Manhattanites will not allow this perfectly respectable memorial.”

Gorgeous Bhoy: George Galloway ex-MP

Speaking from his bench outside Kings Cross Station, George Galloway, also once a Member of Parliament, claimed that “the tentacles of Zionism are behind this outrageous opposition. It is a lovely work, and my auld mate Saddam, zichrono livrocha, would have been all for it!”

Meanwhile, artsy UK human rights activists Ken Loach, Alexei Sayle and Annie Lennox, together with career Jew-baiter Ken Livingstone, have organised a rally in support of the proposed monument – and to protest against what they have labelled “an undemocratic, Islamophobic provocation” by its opponents – in Hyde Park, this Sunday.

Following the death of the regular speaker at such rallies, playwright Harold Pinter, the organisers are flying in Hollywood film director Oliver Stone, whose recent remarks, they say, make him the natural heir to Pinter’s rally stage.

American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist and political activist, Noam Chomsky, will also traverse the Atlantic specially for the rally.

“My Jewishness,” said Professor Chomsky from his office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “together with the fact that no one is bright enough to understand a word of what I am on about, makes my opinion on US government policy vis-à-vis Zionism, the Palestinians and Islam practically unimpeachable.”

The reaction of the Islamic world, too, to opposition to the planned monument has been one of anger. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, between dodging “stray firecrackers”, proclaimed that “the Zionists’ days are numbered”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was unavailable for comment, but a government spokesman in Ankara, Aylyket Ubdibüm, said that Mr. Erdoğan would “go along with the Iranian response . . . whatever that may be.”

And, emerging from his Beirut bunker in a cunning “bandit” disguise, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah – who denied recent media reports that he and a certain extremist rabbi residing in Stamford Hill may be distant cousins – again threatened Tel Aviv.

“We have missiles capable even of reaching melchett mike,” declared Nasrallah. “This Zionist piss-taker should enjoy his four dogs while Allah allows him.”

Cunning disguise: Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, on a Beirut street


20 responses to “World Trade Center set for suicide bomber memorial

  1. what about connections of the Allahu Akbar Foundation to this outfit?
    Ditib is TURKISH religious authority and from that mosque the peaceful Allahu Akbar yelling masses started for their flotilla demos.

  2. and another question:
    have you any comments from the organizers of this outfit on the monument to be?

  3. Mike —
    I wonder in whose cheek do you have your tongue?
    While we’re at it, here’s a motto for the proposed bar . . .
    “Allah Sucks & So Do We!”

  4. Doing a Rushdie is one way to become a famous writer!

  5. Another entertaining article by MM .. quite hard to understand why Islam has such a following. “Deluded’ springs to mind !

  6. No “cheek”, Greg, no “tongue”.

    Did you buy Oliver Stone’s heartfelt apology? Or are you merely shocked to see your beloved J Street in my post, alongside that gallery of rogues?

    The last paragraph of an article in the Forward Jewish weekly:

    “Not all Jewish groups have been as skeptical about the proposed Islamic center. J Street, the left-wing, pro-Israel activist group, issued a statement of support that did not specifically call on the proposed center’s sponsors to reveal their financing or to repudiate terrorist ideology. “What better ammunition to feed the Osama bin Ladens of the world and their claim of anti-Muslim bias in the United States,” said J Street president Jeremy Ben-Ami, “…than to hold this proposal for a Muslim religious center to a different and tougher standard than other religious institutions would be?”

    Now why on earth would we want to do that, Mr. Ben-Ami?!

    What a knob jockey!

  7. Mike

    Hysterical…back to your old high standards

    U coming over on Sukkot? (without the dogs otherwise my wife will leave me)


  8. Actually Mike, I don’t wonder any more than you do.

    I really don’t want to get embroiled in whether the mosque should or should not be built. I do know that there is a lot of false info out there, often perpetuated by Faux/Fix/FOX so-called News. To the best of my knowledge, we don’t ask any religious institution where they get their money before issuing building permits, so why should we demand it here? Someone whom I’ve known & trust far longer than anyone @ J Street assures me the people who want to build the mosque do want peace & understanding. Also, the imam recently was sent by the US govt to the Middle East on a goodwill tour, but before everyone starts yelling & screaming that it’s another bad decision by Obama, let me rush to let you know that George W Bush sent the same guy for the same purpose in 2007. As for the mosque’s location — it is NOT =at= Ground Zero, it cannot be seen from any building that will be built on GZ & no one will be able to see GZ from the mosque. Please don’t join the radical right here who now want to prevent the building of ANY new mosques ANYWHERE in the US. What a load of illegal crap! These assholes demand strict adherance to our Constitution — except when it’s inconvenient for them. In case you didn’t learn about our radical laws, the Bill of Rights guarantees absolute religious freedom … even to these assholes who preach fear & hate.

  9. A mosque isn’t the same as a church and its community center isn’t the same as one is familiar with from churches – here’s my favourite educator on the subject:

    I think even at Catholic churches and community centers they’d be reticent about enticing their followers into dreaming of extending Vatican state to its former glories let alone extending it all over the world. After all their pope was after getting independence from the Kaiser at Canossa i.e. besides humiliating the Kaiser getting much bigger autonomy from worldly powers than any orthodox patriarch ever achieved. I have as yet to read anything that tells of similar struggles in the caliphate to be.

    The latest I saw somewhere is that the holier-than-thou Imam of that Mosque is in with these guys:

  10. The way that poisonous prick Kaufman wheels out the memory of his poor grandma – see “Dame” Gerald: Our very own “Uncle Tom” – reminds me (perversely) of how contestants would “play the Joker” on the BBC’s It’s a Knockout.

    For anyone not old enough to remember – or too frum (it was broadcast on Friday evenings) – here is a lovely piece of nostalgia about the programme, featuring legendary presenter Stuart Hall . . .

  11. Hilarious, as usual!
    Especially the turkish government spokesperson, that must be a very common name in turkish government along with Arcole Likkertu.

  12. here’s a gentleman too shy to comment on such a sophisticated blog, so I’m quoting him on the sly without his permission:
    Mr. Noever provoked further furor with his catalog essay lamenting that “our Western ideological lenses cloud, if not entirely distort, the view of other realities” and urging museumgoers to “bid farewell once and for all to Eurocentric and culturally imperialistic attitudes.” The show, he argued, “proves that cultural differences can be bridged with mutual respect.”

  13. Mike,
    I do not have anything clever or witty to write.
    But my day has just started with uncontrollable laughter as I watched the above “It’s a Knocklout” and “Jeux Sans Frontières” clip. Stuart Hall’s laughter was so contagious. I am still laughing as I write. He was paid good BBC money to be a presenter but would just belly-laugh his way through each episode, the climax of which would be if we ever, though rarely, beat the Germans. Gotta stop, my eyes are watering and I can’t see the keys.

  14. Henri Berest

    I hope that you had as much fun writing this piece as I did reading it. Hilarious Mike – I just loved the names.

    (BTW, check-out this weeks Panorama at the BBC website – a report of the flotilla incident – VERY un-BBC-like)

  15. Has anyone noticed that if you change a Burqa from black to white and replace the headscarf with a pointed hat (with two holes for the eyes) it looks like the “uniform” of the Ku Klux Klan?

  16. Funny, David! But a result of thinking that I am too harsh on the Muslims?

    Anyway, nice to have a literary talent (like myself) on melchett mike! 😉 (I am a criminal defence lawyer by training, and took an interest in the Rachel Nickell case.)

    Out of interest, how did you come across the blog?

  17. No I don’t think you’re too harsh on Muslims. On the contrary. I think the black Burqa and the white sheet of the Klansman are two sides of the same coin.

    BTW did you hear the one about the Muslim woman who wore a RED burqa? Some one tried to post a letter in her!

    Yes, the Stagg case really got to me. One of the things I particularly didn’t like was the way his religion was used against him. As a Jew, I have a deep dislike of religious intolerance (except towards those who are themselves intolerent).

    I came across the blog via a Google search for anything to do with Hasmo – of which I am an ex-alumnus – or should that be “inmate”?


  18. David, you must be the most published – cf. read . . that’s me! 😉 – ex-Hasmo ever!

    I see from your Wikipedia entry that you “dropped out of school at the age of 15” . . . but, joking aside, do you consider that any of your former teachers at Hasmo – especially the English ones – played a part in your writing success?

  19. Whatever my various God Squad readers may think, the world lost a great man yesterday: RIP Christopher Hitchens.

    Just look at “Gorgeous” George’s face here . . .

    And, if you get an hour or so, it is well worth watching – on YouTube – Hitchens’ various encounters with the Scottish twat.

  20. I thought of your above comment this morning when I received my annual Christmas card from an Indian client. Totally absurd – Hindu never fails to send a Jew (in Israel, noch) a Christmas card. Almost as absurd as wishing Christopher Hitchens “RIP”. I personally think he would have rather gone for the Parrot Sketch abbreviation “CTB” – Ceased To Be.

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