Haaretz: Always hitting us when we’re down

I was shopping in Tel Aviv’s Shuk HaCarmel, late on Thursday afternoon, as news of 40 deaths in a fire in the Carmel Forest started to filter through. And, as is their wont, stallholders were loudly and crudely relaying the first details to shoppers and fellow traders.

But whatever you say about stallholders in the Shuk (and I wasn’t particularly kind about them, last week), their hearts are in the right place . . . something that can’t necessarily be said for much of this country’s (so-called) liberal elite (close relations of its “cultural elite”).

“Israel is a stupid, lawbreaking state. It voraciously devours its own people, and this time devoured them with fire.”

Sarid: Arrogant slaphead

So ranted Yossi Sarid, left-wing political commentator and former Meretz leader, in the following morning’s Haaretz under a headline – Where trees burn… (amended, it would seem, for the online edition) – playing on Heinrich Heine’s prediction pertaining to the burning of books.

“I told you so,” repeats the arrogant bald tosser ad infinitum, delighting in his would-be prescience, while admitting that he knows nothing about the cause of the fire (he couldn’t have, seeing as the deadline for submissions would have been around midnight on Thursday).

You see, Israeli journalists of the far left love nothing more than the knee-jerk response. And while the cause of the fire, together with the obvious lack of preparedness for it, will result in yet another state commission of inquiry, Haaretz’s hyperbole and overkill – Friday’s edition featured two other, similar front page comment pieces (see below) – typifies the kind of gratuitous, tasteless Israel-bashing in which it appears to so delight whenever controversy, hardship or tragedy strikes the country (see, for example, Washing, folding . . . and binning Haaretz?)

While two arrests have now been made, Amir Oren penned Call it murder before any evidence of foul play had come to light. “If [the fire] turns out to be man-made . . . ,” he starts one sentence, before then seeming to forget to amend his stupidly irresponsible title (the online edition adds this qualification as its by-line).

And in The firefighters’ Yom Kippur War – you couldn’t make it up! (title again changed online) – Aluf Benn somehow contrives to use the tragedy to warn “Israel not to embark on war against Iran.”

Can Haaretz really be surprised when, as it has admitted, so many people phone up to cancel their subscriptions? If Israel’s other English language newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, wasn’t quite so lame, I would probably do so too.

Fire raging at Kibbutz Beit Oren

(But moving away from these shameless, self-loathing, journalistic assholes to the people who really count . . . ) There are just so many awful ironies in this continuing tragedy, commencing as it did on the very first day of Chanukah. On Friday evening, for example, Israeli TV broadcast the candle-lighting of members of Kibbutz Beit Oren, one of the places worst hit by the fire. And as a kibbutznikit read aloud the blessing ending “she’asa nisim la’avoteinu ba’yamim ha’hem ba’zman ha’zeh” – Who has wrought miracles for our forefathers in those days at this season – the news anchor commented wryly, “In those days, maybe . . . but I am not so sure about these.”

I save till last (and most definitely least) my favourite (if you can have such a thing!) bête noire: Turkey. Following the contemptible way in which this nation of nauseating hypocrites has turned on Israel – its erstwhile ally and even saviour (during the 1999 Izmit earthquake) – over the last couple of years, I would tell Prime Minister Erdogan to shove the two firefighting planes offered to us right up an ‘alley’ (the Turk’s favourite) where the fires don’t burn (except, perhaps, after a spicy kebab).

We will get through this latest test just like we get through all of them . . . and without help from Turkey, or our own dickheads at Haaretz.


15 responses to “Haaretz: Always hitting us when we’re down

  1. The obvious myopia of these commentators is only paralleled by your own myopia and your political hubris. This blog-posting fails to mention the reticence of the Shas Interior Minister Eli Yishai to take time of from Shabbat for obvious Pikuach Nefesh (the saving of lives – for which the sabbath can be broken) and/or the Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef’s claims that the forest fires in the Carmel are because both you and I do not follow Halacha and/or keep Shabbat according to their rules.

    It would also appear that you are scanning the news in the hope that there is some news item that transgress your vitriolic hatred of ‘the left wing’ as embodied here (for you) in the newspaper Haaretz. Your commentary is exegesis in-extremis. (Go and find your Greek and Latin dictionaries Michael).

    A whole political ideology should not be dismissed on the basis of the ridiculous comments of a few – and nor should religious Judaism be discounted on the ridiculous comments of a few.

    I would have thought you to be a person of greater analytical facilities than to join in with cheap myopic political slander.

  2. Steve, whilst I do like comments to melchett mike, please don’t feel obliged . . . or, at least, not until you have first engaged the family brain cell.

    I write as I find. And on Friday morning – before an investigation into the fire had even started, before any arrests had been made and, perhaps worst of all, before those poor prison service cadets had even been laid to rest – I found a Haaretz front page (I was not “scanning the news”: it is delivered to Melchett every morning) splattered with tasteless, irresponsible journalism that would disgrace even the News of the World. And, quel surprise (“go and find your [French] dictionary,” you condescending prick), this morning’s Haaretz reports that the fire had not after all, as it had speculated on Friday, been started by arsonists at an illegal waste site.

    My post was about that front page . . . not about Eli Yishai or Ovadia Yosef (or, for that matter, thick twats from Sheffield). Seeing as you appear to have forgotten, I have never shied away from criticising folk such as Yishai or Rav Ovadia, the latter post clearly demonstrating that I am capable of taking a balanced view on Israel that left-wing muppets like you can only dream of. Anyway, criticising the provocative, self-hating crap spouted by certain Haaretz ‘journalists’ is hardly “dismiss[ing]” a “whole political ideology.”

    We are all very impressed, Steve, I’m sure, that you recall some Latin from your Sheffield grammar . . . though, clearly, no one there taught you to think.

    And next time, before you start suggesting that I am some kind of right-wing fanatic, perhaps you would care to recall who was open-minded enough to attend a certain “Jews for Jesus” wedding in June, with verses from Matthew being read out from under the chupah.

  3. Oh Touché dear Michael.

    Sheffield grammar as I may have, I did study languages and my Royal Society of Arts French A++ level tells me that your French needs some work, ‘quelle surprise’. Hopefully that will make me an even more condescending prick!

  4. Jews for Jesus wedding, WTF? (Get your urban dictionary out for that one.)

    I guess M&M sees himself as an equal opportunity offender.

    SD is what the French would call “fucking stupid”.

  5. “Hopefully that will make me an even more condescending prick!”

    Not sure that’s possible, “dear” Steven.

  6. Ari Gold, I don’t know who you are; the banter on this blog between Mike and me has been sanguine (for the most part) but we have no prior interaction on Mike’s blog comments for you to call me “fucking stupid” and sadly that reflects more upon your lack of aplomb than upon anything else.

    P.S. Michael, it’s spelled Stephen.

  7. “Heart of” Gold can’t bring himself to say a nice word about melchett mike . . . and, yet, like an unpleasant odour, won’t seem to go away. He is what is known in the trade as a “troll”: see http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=troll

    I am happy, however, to provide “Heart of” with a forum on which he can practise his native’s (cf. native) English.

    Even though your original comment above, Stephen, would suggest that you have been taking lessons from “Heart of,” I might still attend your Chanuka (Jews for Christmas?) party on Wednesday, if you are a lucky goy . . . sorry, boy! 😉

  8. SD, it’s easy to talk about other people’s myopia when you are known to wear the biggest glasses the snooker world has ever seen. Hubble couldn’t do better then those babies. Furthermore, let’s ask 10 French people what they think? Anyway, Eminem implied that you like to follow brother Jesus and he said turn the other cheek (or thereabouts). Even my five year old burst out laughing when his friend called him a name.

    MM, I stood up for you when Tessa took a low blow, I think constructive criticism is best form of flattery and I don’t think you’re a complete idiot. Not sure where it came from but there you are – I said something nice.

  9. The cause of the fire and the response to it may have aspects to explore, but Israel would only act like the liberal democracy it manifestly is.

    By contrast, anyone recall this slice of life, sorry, death, vignette from a more, shall we say, robust type of society?

  10. Laurence Green

    Some of the very same highly conscientious religious police haven’t quite noticed that the rivers of wine promised to devout Muslims in the afterlife have been diverted – no doubt at great expense – into this world and are being enjoyed without the discomfort and unpleasantness involved in actually being dead.
    While the females referred to in the article weren’t exactly 72 virgins in paradise, it’s good to know that if there had been a fire, the guards were there to keep unwanted guests out, not to stop anyone leaving.


  11. Very moving images…

  12. ali-gee's bro

    Mike – I live in NY and don’t know much about the facts but I’m steaming mad that a bus load full of cadets lost their lives. I don’t know that there was negligence involved but certainly it smells of negligence. Other American and Israeli commentators have asked why Israel was not better prepared with its own firefighting planes so it did not have to schnorrer from the likes of Turkey. While the timing and tone of Sarid’s article may have been wrong, was the message so off base?

  13. philip lehrer

    It’s about time they binned BOTH Ha’aretz and at least SOME of the people it hates. In this case my enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend, although both that left-wing, self-hating, pamphleteering parody of a news-sheet and CERTAIN members of some of the ultra right-wing Sephardic, puny copies of certain other right-wing Lithuanian parodies of self-righteous, racist, hypocritical entities of Israel bashing, “schnorrering” from the patriotic mainstream who they despise (whew), should be made to swear the oath of allegiance to the Jewish ZIONIST state. If not,the left-wingers should be exported to Gaza, Damascus, the Bekaa Valley or alternatively Teheran (where they could meet the hairy bunch, who have chosen to move there) and the radical (again) hairy bunch, either to Boro Park, Stamford Hill or the eastern parts of Europe, from which their sadly remembered forefathers should have come, but having listened to their spiritual leaders such as the Satmer Rebbe, who foresaw the coming of the Messiah, but not the “Shoah”. By the way he scarpered to Switzerland if I’m not mistaken, not to set foot on the ONLY potential refuge available, were then exterminated. In those places they would STILL be protected by the very fact of the existence of the sovereign state they hate so much.
    Let’s not forget most of our cousins who are also a 5th column,whose eventual future domicile could be Jordan, 80% Palestinian Arab already. The Hashemites could return to Yemen or even better retreat to Gstaad).
    And then Israel would be a functioning DEMOCRACY, as opposed to a THEOCRACY, with a population of about 5.250.000 citizens, with the usual day-to-day problems of a HEALTHY developed country, just as strong as the 7.500.000 head ANARCHY it is today.

  14. As a counterbalance to what I wrote above, there is no arguing that “we” can, on occasion, be unbelievably bloody stupid . . .


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