Whose catastrophe is it anyway?

Driving past the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on Sunday evening, I witnessed the kind of scene which, though no longer new to me, never fails to sicken me anew: on this occasion, a demonstration by around a hundred keffiyeh-wearing Israelis to mark Yawm al-Nakba, or Day of the Catastrophe, on which Palestinians mourn the birth of Israel, in 1948.

Last week, meanwhile, on Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day), this country remembered its 22,867 fallen soldiers and 3,971 victims of Palestinian terror. And immediately following the thought that most of the crusty-leftie protesters looked like they could do with a good bath . . . alright, and the fleeting one, too, of plowing my Focus into the shameless bastards, I couldn’t help but ask myself: “Allah, whose Nakba?!”

I have no inclination to regurgitate here the details of our two Peoples’ claims to this Land. We are, however, two Peoples. And with two claims. And they both have their merits.

But the Palestinian “catastrophe” as I see it, and it predates 1948, is that neither the Palestinians nor their leaders have – conversely to the attitude of the large majority of Israelis towards them – never truly accepted any aspect of the Zionist narrative, or that there is even another party with a legitimate claim to, at least a share of, this Land.

This explains how the ‘moderate’ Palestinian leadership in the West Bank could sign an agreement, two weeks ago, with the Islamofascists in Gaza, the leader of whom had, a mere two days earlier, condemned the killing of Osama “the holy warrior.” And it is why even Israelis (like me) who favour a two-state solution do not believe that the 1967 borders represent the true extent of the vast majority of Palestinians’ claims and aspirations.

The reason that there will never be peace in this Land, therefore, is not our minority of nutters . . . but their majority of them.

Indeed, we Israelis, if we were so inclined, could commemorate our own “catastrophe”: that, in addition to our almost 27,000 fallen soldiers and murdered civilians, we have been cursed with neighbours – Palestinian and Arab – who are, at worst, capable of slaughtering babies in cold blood and, at best, completely backward-looking and incapable of moving on . . . as evidenced by their endlessly self-pitying, all-consuming, fixation with the Nakba and the past.

Israel’s present government has certainly not covered itself in glory: Bibi’s ‘leadership’ has been characterised only by mind-boggling inaction, making the country – at a time when its international image was already at an all-time low – appear completely uninterested in even attempting to resolve this horrible, tragic mess. Indeed, over the last two years, it has almost been as if Israel hasn’t even had a government.

But, even ignoring its appalling crime figures, one only has to roam the streets of Jaffa to witness the Arab aversion to progress: decrepit buildings without communal electricity (cut-off for failure to pay bills) and surrounded by garbage (usually discarded by residents’ children). Then, for contrast, walk a matter of minutes to the beautiful tayelet (beachfront promenade) recently developed by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality through Ajami, one of Jaffa’s most crime-ridden areas.

Of course, the same folk who have always criticised Israel’s supposed neglect of Arab neighbourhoods are now claiming that the tayelet is part of a strategic Judaization, even ethnic cleansing, of them. Though there is no pleasing the Jew/self-hater.

“The Arabs,” Abba Eban famously once said, “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” And, whilst some may currently be enjoying a Spring, others – including the Palestinians and their leadership (now, officially, semi-Islamofascist at least) – are still stuck in deepest, darkest Winter.

"Murderers in Uniform," reads the sign at Sunday's demonstration


15 responses to “Whose catastrophe is it anyway?

  1. A Confederacy of Putzes!

    I wish I could say I’m shocked about these idiotim, but I can’t. Still sickened, of course, but not shocked.

  2. Steve Davis

    National security is not the remit of the left or the right wing but the responsibility of any nation-state. Something that many package-deal activists fail to comprehend.

    Whilst one might give credence to those who wish to highlight the failings of the Israeli army (which there are many, I’m sure), is one thing… becoming a fifth columnist and effectively calling for the end of our nation state is a tad myopic and (dare I say) self-hating.

  3. From yesterday’s International Herald Tribune (originally Monday’s New York Times) . . .


    Is the twat on drugs or something?!

    Let’s have a competition to see which words he omitted: I’ll get the ball rolling with “rejectionism,” “terror,” and “Hamas.”

    And quote of the piece – and there are many – must surely be . . .

    “The State of Palestine intends to be a peace-loving nation, committed to human rights, democracy, the rule of law and the principles of the United Nations Charter.”

    And I’m having Osher round for Friday night dinner . . . followed by the pub.

  4. I see “the twat” claims that we deny the palestinians access to their holy places. Really? Name three!

  5. Pleased to see that my choice language is rubbing off on PT frummers! Who knows? Ra’anana next?!

  6. Steve Davis – I like the term “package deal activists” but I think the same can be said of the right, no?

  7. John Fisher

    In these times of sound bites and shallow thinking the words of the late French novelist Jean Giradoux are particularly apposite:

    “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

    Abu Mazen is , without doubt, an oceangoing shit with a CV he deserves to die for, but he looks like everyone’s favorite grandfather and TV couch potatoes swallow his nonsense in a single gulp. Meanwhile, we wheel out a guy with an impressive CV but the demeanor of a baddy in the 1950’s gangster series “The Untouchables” and wonder why they all reach for the off button.

    Truth is dead….


  8. Steve Davis

    Package-deal activists is a phrase I use, because the rightwing accuse me of being socialist and the leftwing accuse me of being rightwing.

    In my opinion, we choose policies and what resonates with us, not having to buy a whole ‘package-deal’ of belief systems.

    Why the hell do we see ‘free Palestine’ on student marches in England which should be addressing student issues. Those who might be student activists and pro-Israel may be marginalised.

  9. An anthropomorphic ‘twat’?

  10. Being stupid and being unattractive is caused by the same thing. But we don’t write about driving past ugly people.
    If only there were a Viagra for the brain… Limitless (the movie) style…

  11. John Fisher

    This morning’s Haaretz stated:

    “Israeli officials said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s view of Netanyahu ranges between abhorrence and hatred”.

    Mrs Clinton – While I treat with suspicion every word printed by the Daily Diatribe (including the weather forecast) I must admit that, I too, sometimes see the resemblance between Bibi and your husband Bill. It must be very distressing for you.

  12. Pat Condell’s latest broadcast (posted yesterday). He’s the man!

  13. Pure genius: the ONE-state solution . . .

  14. I just passed a couple of dozen people by the Jaffa Clock Tower, waving Palestinian flags and with a “Welcome to Palestine” sign.

    And so as not to be accused of being insensitive, I would like to wish them, and all of my Arab neighbours, a very happy Nakba Day.

  15. John Fisher

    ….with many, many more to come. Mazeltov!

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