Why I am not full of the joys of Spring

You will forgive me, I hope, for not jubilantly swinging my misbaha over my head in celebration of the Arab Spring.

Israeli Embassy, Cairo, last Friday

After months of endless “Allahu akbars” (can’t they come up with anything new?) and the exaggerated, mindless firing into the air of automatic weapons, I – unlike many others it would seem, especially the depressingly naive correspondents of the western news media and the ever-Muslim-fawning BBC – am filled not with hope, but with concern . . .

Concern that liberty, democracy and equality, as well as respect for human life, won’t come to these people in a thousand springs.

And the best judges of this are not Ashkenazi, Haaretz-reading liberals – who believe that inventing, dreaming about, and intellectually masturbating over, a false reality makes them, somehow, more worthy human beings – but Jews who grew up in, and subsequently were forced to flee, one of the countries now ‘enjoying’ its Spring.

Sexpot: Ashrawi (on BBC's Breakfast with Frost)

One such, an Egyptian-born relative, would always remark, whenever having to hear Hanan Ashrawi – the Palestinian Christian sexpot – twist and deceive on British television: “If they get their own state, they will cut her hands off.” (And I must confess to having rather enjoyed the image.)

Concern, too, that these people are motivated not by love, or even the longing for a better future, but by hate and the desire to settle old scores.

The ‘new’ (liberated from the yoke of the tyrant Mubarak) Egyptians, outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo last Friday (photograph above), were calling not only for the abolition of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty and the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador:  “Jews, remember the Battle of Khaybar, the Army of Muhammad is already here . . . Oh Zionists, please be patient, there’s an Egyptian digging your grave.” Nice.

I was raised in an environment in which the worst intolerance ever encountered was the occasional less than flattering name for “the other,” usually by an elderly relative, in Yiddish.

Another people, on the other hand, raises many of its young to believe that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs, in a conspiracy to control the world (funny that, I have never known a pig to aspire to anything beyond estate agency), and must be destroyed.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Palestinian and Arab schoolbooks and newspapers (the cartoon on the right appeared in the widest-circulating Egyptian daily), listen to some of their delightful clerics (here and here), or enjoy their enchanting version of Sesame Street (and I haven’t even touched upon the latest filth spewing forth from Tehran).

So please excuse me if I am not filled with optimism and joy about the fall of Mubarak, Gaddafi, or even, imminently, of that vile weasel Assad.

Mark my words (though I do hope they prove to be wrong): this is not good.

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13 responses to “Why I am not full of the joys of Spring

  1. Eugene Monkleton-Montefiore

    spot on again, melchett.

    who said “the arabs are our misfortune”? (or was that “the jews…”?) they’re taking over kennie, that’s for sure… they’re bloody everywhere… they’ll be trying to join north ken reform before long!

    as for rupert, he was told about the blog by one of the wolfsons, whom he says you know.

    and, as for that john fisher fellow, i absolutely do exist… though wish i didn’t… would save myself an awful lot of tax!

  2. First of all, may I introduce myself: I’m an ex-Hasmonean, married to a former head boy, and sister of Puggy. Those who know him, no explanation needed. Those who don’t…. well, the less said the better. :-).

    Anyway, well written Mike! I have been writing (and keep writing…) about the non-wonders of the Arab “spring” on my own blog. At the risk of shameless self-promotion, you can see some of my posts here: The Arab winter.

    The best article I found was on Jewish Ideas Daily, which I wrote about just last week, here: How antisemitism prevents peace.

    Trouble is, I fear we are whistling into the wind. Do people really want to hear our warnings? Generally, Israel’s caution has been sneered at, and now that we’ve been proven right, the western media ignore Israel’s previous warnings and write about the dramatic discovery of the Arab spring being more wintry (or possibly boiling hot) as if it were a completely new concept.

  3. I like your attitude Mike. And the colourful way you express it :-).

    Seriously, I know I ought to try and ignore the ravings of the antisemites, but I worry that the noisier they are, the more likely they are to influence the international political agenda.

    What Israel (and all of us) really needs to do is stop being polite (Israelis?! Being polite?!) and learn how to say “I told you so” very loudly and very often in as many languages as possible whenever our warnings come true.

  4. Words of wisdom written beautifully with the right amount of sarcasm. loved it.

  5. Excellent blog Mike. When thinking about these Arab ‘struggles’ I recall an Israeli Army Colonel’s comments at a JIA function during the 1980’s when it was thought Israel was covertly helping both Iran and Iraq. He said “We wish both sides every success”.
    In the knowledge that whoever comes out on top in Egypt and Syria won’t love Israel any more than they do now, I hope Israel is clandestinely pursuing the same Machiavellian strategy. They just have to be ready to cope with whoever comes out on top. Insha’allah

  6. Davina Levita-Ree

    I agree with what everyone is writing about those beastly Arabs. Daddy says that the only Arab Spring is the one inside the detonators of their jerry-built hand grenades – mind you, he used to sing from a different hymnbook when he worked in the City.

    And the way they dare to walk down Kensington High Street! They look like Daleks dressed up for the summer solstice at Stonehenge. Mind you – in fairness to the Daleks – THEY at least used to announce in advance that they were going to exterminate innocent bystanders.

    One of those frightful people owns the penthouse in our building. I overheard Uncle Eddie telling Daddy that his (the Dalek’s) main house is next to Hampstead Heath and this is his “Pied a Terre”. Eddie was coming up in the lift one day with two women in full head-to-toe fancy dress whose conversation was so raw that he was convinced that the nearest they had ever been to the Middle East was the Falafel Bar on East Ham High Road.

    Must run. I need to go and do battle with the marauding hordes at Fortnum and Mason’s cheese counter. Selena and I are having Fondue tonight and watching Notting Hill with that scrumptious oldie – Hugh Grant. Bye!

  7. Lawrence Green

    One of the most striking aspects of the “Arab Spring” is the overwhelming stupidity of most of its participants, who believed and in fact continue to believe – in the face of the reality that stares them in the face- that they will attain a better life by overthrowing their leaders and systems of government.
    In Egypt, for example, apart from the unedifying spectacle of Mubarak being wheeled into court ( both literally and metaphorically) as a scapegoat for the masses to gloat over, what have the ordinary folk achieved? Unemployment is still high and their standard of living hasn’t improved; following popular anger against the police, perhaps unsurprising, the police disappeared from view. With no police around to protect private property Egyptians then became angry with the police for not being there-even though they had got rid of them- and then, quite astonishingly, rioted over lack of police protection in the town of Garga last month, setting fire to the police station. Hardly an incentive for the police to return I’d have thought.
    The price of food is not going to plummet any time soon: Egypt, which is the world’s largest wheat importer, has a young stupid public that needs a focus for its anger, and there has to be a limit to the number of times Mubarak is wheeled out in his bed on national TV. Although you might have thought that close cooperation with Israel on the subject of maximising domestic food production would be a good idea, instead Israel is used as an ultimate scapegoat for all the problems of Egyptian society and the woes of the Egyptian economy. Hatred and irrational rage in the guise of concern for the Palestinian “refugees” is manifest, even though the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza enjoy superior diets to theirs, courtesy of the billions of dollars of aid they receive. The “brothers” are now having an upsurge on the back of public anger and who knows how well they’ll do when there are finally elections. It’s certainly not good for Israel.
    It is surely only a matter of months until the citizens of Libya start killing each other in tribal conflicts – even though Gadafi may be dead and gone by then. When you view the chaos and suffering in Libya you wonder how long it will be until you hear someone asking whether it wasn’t, after all, better when Gadafi was in power.
    Abstract concepts/slogans like freedom and democracy are all very well but should idiots be allowed to vote?

  8. What a f*cking scumbag this guy is . . .


    That he quotes Robert Fisk says everything.

    And if I may remind the tosser – on this of all days – of the radio messages from the Mavi Marmara . . .

    “Go back to Auschwitz! . . . Don’t forget 9/11, guys!”

  9. Oh dear lord. Robert Fisk is the king of antisemitic-posing-as-anti-Zionist journalism. Feh. I’ll read the article later, when my stomach feels more stable, otherwise I’ll lose my breakfast.

  10. Why, oh why, didn’t Allah grant those barbarians the sense to keep Gaddafi alive? Blair and various others, however, certainly won’t be complaining that we won’t be hearing him from the dock.

    I give credit to the nutter for staying put in his country as the noose tightened. You can be sure that the snivellling weasel Assad will be gone long before the murderous cries of “Allahu Akbar!!”

  11. I have never agreed with anything I ever heard coming from the mouth of the North Korean regime, but the below quote by a NK Foreign Ministry spokesman actually makes an arguable point.

    “The present Libyan crisis teaches the international community a serious lesson. It was fully exposed before the world that ‘Libya’s nuclear dismantlement’ much touted by the US in the past, turned out to be a mode of aggression whereby the latter coaxed the former with such sweet words as ‘guarantee of security’ and ‘improvement of relations’ to disarm itself and then swallowed it up by force.”

    I shed absolutely no tears for Gaddafi, but can’t help but wonder if NATO is being hasty in attempting to re-write the political map of the Middle East without clear foresight as to what will follow in its path. They also threw Mubarak under the bus, and while I hope to be proven wrong, it looks like that was a poor decision.

  12. Life for Mubarak… let’s see the democracy, based on the rule of law, that the Egyptians now give themselves.

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