From Jew-obsession to the mechanics of murder

“The Muslim faith has nothing to do with the insane acts of this man.”

So opined the French President, last week, following the latest acts of cold-blooded murder by a hate-filled Muslim, including once again – almost a year to the day since the Itamar infanticide – of three Jewish children, this time aged 3, 6 and 8.

Nothing to do with”? Are you sure, Mr. Sarkozy?

How much Islamofascist terror must we endure before we stop having to listen to such PC bollocks, and before we stop putting ever so delicate Muslim sensibilities before the hard truth? When, instead, is the Muslim community and its hate-inciting imams going to be told to put their murderous, bloodthirsty house in order?

Respect, my arse: Ken & George

And, while telling things as they are, it is not only Muslims who are to blame for such atrocities. Much of the Islamofascist’s fuel, and the climate in which he is allowed, even encouraged, to operate, is provided by the Israel-only bashers – the George Galloways, Ken Livingtones, Jenny Tonges, even the sad, bitter nothings like Gert Meyers (see previous link), of this world – who, by relentlessly demonizing and attempting to delegitimize the Jewish state with their hateful, hypocritical agenda (while remaining largely silent, for most recent instance, about the slaughter in Syria), provide fertile ground for the murder of Jews.

Don’t even dream, however, of calling the Israel-only basher an anti-Semite. He, of course, has nothing against Jews (some of his best friends . . .), merely opposing Israel, which –  by pure coincidence only – just happens to be the Jewish state. Neither is it by virtue of their conflict with the Jews that the Israel-only basher gives the Palestinians his sole, undivided attention (to the exclusion of Syrians, Kurds, Iranians, Coptic Christians, Sudanese, Eritreans, Equatorial Guineans, Zimbabweans, Burmese, Tibetans, North Koreans, Cubans): it is just that the Palestinians are, intrinsically, far lovelier and cuddlier than every other persecuted people.

Having lunch in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, a couple of weeks ago, I struck up conversation with a nice non-Jewish couple from Colorado, visiting Israel for the first time. “I hope you don’t mind me asking,” said Jim, while we were still on our soup, “but why do so many people hate the Jews? I just don’t understand it.” I went through the list – jealousy and Jesus being the only reasons that seemed to make any sense (and, then, not much) – before concluding with my own view, that it is just part and parcel of, though a sickness in, the human condition.

In the week that saw John Demjanjuk go to meet his diabolical maker – the very same, no doubt, as of his fellow auto mechanic Mohammed Merah – I couldn’t help but wonder whether the millions spent on attempting to bring an incontinent Ukrainian peasant to justice would not have been better earmarked for more effectively countering the deadly lies of the Israel-only bashers, and for providing proper security for Jewish communities around the world.

Toulouse victims z"l: (clockwise) Rabbi Yonatan Sandler (30), sons Gavriel (3) and Aryeh (6), Miriam Monsonego (8)


19 responses to “From Jew-obsession to the mechanics of murder

  1. Excellent post, as always…but too short…you had the ground prepared for an almost epic article but I feel you cut it short… but anyway, so true…cheers Mike and kol tuv.

  2. Hi Yossi,

    I used to devote a lot of time and energy to the Israel-only bashers and to my pet hate, self-hating Jews. But I just found writing about them too exhausting and depressing (and they are covered by plenty of others). I prefer to write on more personal, off-the wall subjects, these days, such as my love life (or lack thereof) and that peculiar species, the Israeli! Anyway, that’s why it is short . . . though I did want to write something about last week’s horrible events.


  3. Jeremiah Bullfrog

    A very well written article. No one can argue that in the 21st century, extremism within Islam causes much pain & suffering. Sadly the Imams & leaders within Islam keep shtum. Anyone else expressing their view is ‘racist’. G-d help us all.

  4. jonathan bernstein

    Anyone else catch the YouTube clip where Ken Livingstone tells a Chabad rabbi that not only was his grandmother Jewish but, her name was Zona!!

  5. Can’t you get YouTube in America, Bernstein?!

    As well as being most amusing – Zonoh Williams, indeed 😉 – what is so sickening about this is the way those fools fawn on the horrible twat, as if they are going to awaken some Jewish neshomoh in him. Idiots.

  6. Thanks Mike – you spoke/wrote for all of us. As someone who used to spend half his waking life writing similarly toned letters in the form of complaints to the BBC and other constituent parts of the liberal-fascist media over here in the UK, I can completely empathise with your feeling exhausted and depressed. And, having gone to the bother of writing such a piece there’s not even the compensation of catharsis as one knows that for the most part, it’s so much pissing against the wind.

  7. Excellent post Mike. (Henry sent it on to me..). Your sentiments are echoed very closely and eloquently by no lesser a personage than Melanie Phillips herself. If you or your commenter above want to see this subject expanded upon, (if you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion here) I blogged about this media bias in the case of the Toulouse murders at my own place if you want to take a look.

    I can sympathise with your not wanting to get bogged down in all the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish screeds that fill the media and cyberspace. It’s what my blog is all about and sometimes I just want to quit the whole thing for a day or two because it so sickens me.

  8. David Prager

    Brilliant! So Red Ken himself admits he is a ben zonah! I rest my case m’lud.

  9. Galloway and Livingstone learned what certain Black American leaders learned long ago; that when one bashes Israel and/or the Jews, you are guaranteed a headline, the life-blood of every politician.

    When Black-American demagogues like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan address the general white community, nobody listens or cares, but when they attack us, all of the “Professional Jews” swing into action, from the Anti-Defamation League to the Wiesenthal Center, wringing their hands, firing off letters to the editor, and with a speech before a wealthy synagogue, which brings in the donations to support more “Professional Jews”.

  10. My guess, Joe, is that Sharpton and Farrakhan are more viscerally anti-Semitic than Galloway and Livingstone, who just prefer Arabs . . . though, for me, Georgey Boy is the most repugnant of the lot!

    “Pissing against the wind,” Adam, like writing to Sports 1 & 2. If I hear the expression “double pass” one more time, this week . . . 😉

  11. “double pass”?? do you even know what that is? Having been away for several months now I haven’t been able to keep up with all the latest verbal machinations of the 1&2 commentators(I’m not missing it by the way). But seriously Mike, you’ve aroused my curiosity – or morbid curiosity I should say – what on earth is a “double pass”? By the way, for those desperate for alternative commentary from the ‘Israelish’ offering do try ILEMI. A fibre-optic connection helps mind you…

    …and while we’re moving the subject to football related matters, for those of you who haven’t seen the article (or were not aware of the story) here’e a “good news Jewish story” for a change. A story to make one proud to be a Yid, or should I say a “Yiddo”!!

  12. It’s a “one-two,” Adam . . . which, now that I actually spell it out, sounds not that much better than a “double pass”! 😉

  13. David Pleat the other day (another good Yiddo whom I shouldn’t really mock) came up with a classic Pleatism the other day during the first abandoned match between Spurs and Bolton when he described “an exquisite triangulation down the Tottenham left flank…” (As it happens, Pleat’s litany of mispronunciations of players names – even of those players he worked with as a coach – would make any self-aware summariser blush, even an Israelish one! – very amusing though. have you ever heard him attempt to pronounce ‘Jenas’, as in Jermain Jenas – that truly is exquisite.)

  14. I recall Jack Charlton continually (and intentionally) mispronouncing Hrubesch – as in Horst, the West Germany centre-forward – as “Roobish”!

  15. A sad day for British politics (and for anyone who isn’t a Muslim): Galloway is back in Parliament. And I didn’t even know he was standing!

    Bradford West. What a surprise. And the c*nt is hailing it as “The Bradford Spring” . . . when all it shows is how disillusioned/stupid/traitorous (take your pick) British Muslims are.

  16. When the news arrived Friday morning that George was back, my first thought was of a British comedy series around 10 years ago about two blokes and a girl (the actress Samantha Janus?) sharing a flat. One day she brings her new actively Christian boyfriend home for the evening – she dressed in suitably tznua garb. A conversation is struck up with her flat mates, one of whom declares to her beau “Oh, we knew her before she was a virgin”.

    Well I recall the wonderful people of Bradford (West, East, North and South) before it was politically correct to be primitive, celebrating some Eid or other by sacrificing sheep in the street, around 25 years ago.

    Last year, driving overnight to Luton Airport from the Yorkshire Dales where I had just attended a recording of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue along with 1099 other albino white fans, my rented GPS gave up on me in said Bradford (West, East, North and South) sending me in a perpetual circle around the city centre at 1.30 in the morning. I later realised that, whoever maps out the one-way systems for these satellite systems, was probably too scared to go into Bradford to get the information.

    Bradford and Galloway were made for each other. Why don’t they send him on a fact finding mission to Afghanistan via Homs?

  17. “whoever maps out the one-way systems for these satellite systems, was probably too scared to go into Bradford to get the information.”

    Or had been in, but not understood the Urdu street signs.

    As for the “Gorgeous” one, mark my words: it’ll end in tears.

  18. Here are the folks Galloway wants to empower . . .

    God am I glad I’m not in England!

  19. Fascinating. I was trying to work out which one of those Dementors was John Cleese and which, Graham Chapman. It was a bit disappointing that a big animated foot didn’t crush them all at the end – but it appears the British take themselves more seriously now that they did 40 years ago.

    BTW. I am fully aware of the pros and cons of what the French Government have been doing about the Burka but, watching this harrowing film, the British really do need to come up with a workable solution.

    According to UK law vehicles have to sport readily readable front and back number plates accrding to strict size and presentaion rules- it is an offence to cover any part of them when in motion. Furthermore, the country has positioned thousands of CCTV cameras to catch criminals.

    Surely, it would be reasonable to pass a law forbidding anybody to cover their faces outdoors. Being Britain there would need to be exceptions – particularly for Muslim women. No problem – they could wear their Burkas and move around like one-horsepowered Model T Fords, but they would have to wear a mugshot of themselves front and back (without the Burka) and have their names printed on 520mm x 111mm plates on a white background (front ) and yellow background (back). They could also stick on useful road safety warnings like – “Slow Vehicle – Please Pass” or “My other Burka is a Bikini”.

    Just a thought for a start-up.

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