Hasmo Legends XXV: Lower Sixth, 1962/63

Ex-Hasmo Stewart Block (1957-64) has come forward with the following photograph, of the 1962/63 Lower Sixth, which I feel is worth posting . . . and not just because it contains a certain Stephen Posen.

Seymour Popeck and Alfie Hecksher (you can’t get any more kosher than that) must both – along with my old mate Pinchos Chalk – be strong contenders for the most original Hasmo name of all time.

And is that Keith Fisher of Brent Street hairdressing ‘fame’? An ex-Hasmo?! If you are reading, Keith, I would like to thank you (if somewhat belatedly) for Morelle, who provided invaluable “food for thought,” if you get my gist, in my frummie adolescence.

Back row (left to right): Seymour Popeck, Gabby Handler, Ronald Hoffbauer, Mark Schimmel, Keith Fisher, Stewart Block, Anthony Finn, Stephen Leveson, Robert Josse, Peter Bloomberg, Samuel Abudarham, Richard Feinmesser, Stuart Plaskow, Anthony Goorney, Leon Storfer. Middle row: Robert Lewy, Robert Coe, Howard Bluston, Alfie Hecksher, Monty Frankel, Michael Neuberger, Mr. Z. Greenbaum, Ronald Feutchwanger, Barry Schechter, Michael Schine, Steven Greenman, Geoffrey Gilbert, Lucien Jacobs. Front row: Stephen Posen, Jack Berger, Menachem Persoff, Ivor Mindel, Eliezer Grunwald, Nathan Schiner, Esmond Goldfield, Paul Cohen, Moishe Tesler. (Absent: David Eckhardt, David Lopian, Malcolm Lewis, Michael Harper.)

To view a larger image, click on the photo; or, for a clearer pdf, on the following link (and, if you ask one of your children nicely, I am sure that he/she will show you how you can zoom in) . . .

Lower Sixth, Hasmonean Grammar School for Boys, 1962-63

Thank you, Stewart (and for taking responsibility for name misspellings). If other readers are in possession of old Hasmo photos, or related memorabilia, the address is melchettmike@gmail.com!


6 responses to “Hasmo Legends XXV: Lower Sixth, 1962/63

  1. Robert Coe

    There were two Keith Fishers in our year – the one in the photo became an accountant and the other one, who had already left when this photo was taken, I believe has or had the hairdressing business.

    NB I understand from Anthony Rosenfelder that the year after us i.e. 1958-1965 is having a reunion in a restaurant in GG tomorrow evening Tuesday 1st May.

  2. David Groen

    I am an ex Hasmo boy who grew up in the U.S. and went to Hasmo when my parents moved to Holland in 1976. I was in Hasmo from 1976-80. I was in the same class as Harold (Skitz) Gittlemon, Peter Weisz, Gaby Weisz, Eli Baran, Simon Blitz, to name a few. I recently had a book published about the experiences of my parents between 1940-45 in Holland, and if I am seeing correctly that you have a connection with the Jewish Chronicle I was wondering if there was a way of me getting something in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the blog I put together to promote the book http://hollandsheroes.com/ and a link for an article just put in the Times of Israel. http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/a-story-of-love-and-heroism-in-nazi-occupied-holland/ Thanks again.

  3. Stewart Block

    RE the 62/63 quality era. Does anyone remember Mr Kessle (?), he of the missing finger and unerring chalk aim?

  4. David Groen – weren’t you known as “Dick Groin” in the Hasmo years? Or was that my imagination?

  5. He’s not quite a legend (more infamous than famous) but if there was ever anyone associated with the school who had led an illustrious life it would be the teacher in the centre of the picture.

  6. Samuel Abudarham

    I retired as Prof at the University of Central England, Birmingham, 12 yrs ago. Now live in my native Gibraltar. Last Hasmo I met was Monty Frankel who had come for a short break to Gibraltar.

    And does anyone know what became of Max Wattenburg who was Portuguese?

    Now have three daughters and a son all married plus 12 gruntchildren. I will welcome any members of the two classes I was in to Gibraltar. E.mail me shirley_lyons@hotmail.com gamar tov.

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