Grooming in the Green: Just imagine it

A gang of nine Jewish males from Golders Green – eight English-born and one Israeli – has been convicted of grooming underage non-Jewish girls for sex, the vulnerable teenagers having been lavished with salt beef sandwiches (on rye) and latkes, and plied with Palwin No. 10, at kosher restaurants across North-West London.

One can just imagine the response of the BBC and Guardian etc “PC Brigade”, springing to the defence of Anglo-Jewry, protesting that the crimes had nothing whatsoever to do with race or religion . . .

Yeh, right!! We’d have a modern-day blood libel on our hands! And we wouldn’t even get to Nick Griffin. We wouldn’t need to, with . . .

  • A now happily (for us) retired former MP and Mayor of London accessing his impressive stash of Zionist/Jewish/Israeli – they are, after all, interchangeable – stereotypes to “make sense” of the case;
  • A weekend magazine feature on the ultra-Orthodox Jewish male’s attitude towards The Shiksa, with, among the interviewees, perhaps, a Haaretz ‘journalist’ who once saw some charedim kerb crawling in the Diamond Exchange district (as he was exiting a strip club);
  • A Saddam-saluting Jock, foaming at the mouth, claiming the guilty verdicts should surprise no one, seeing as Diaspora Jewish males merely follow the example set for them by the IDF, with their war crimes against the poor, peace-loving Palestinians;
  • A half-page Guardian ad taken out by an assortment of self-loathing writers, actors and other luvvies (vying, perhaps, to become the UK’s new Number One Self-Hating Jew), pledging to have circumcision reversals (foreskin regrafts) to distance themselves from a religion that “allows” such crimes; and
  • The dishonourable (and dishonest) Member for Manchester Gorton once again cynically exploiting the memory of his poor late grandmother (see here), telling the House of Commons that “she did not die at the hands of the Nazis for Jews to do a thing like this.”

    Who needs the BNP?

But a gang of nine Muslim men – eight Pakistani and one Afghan – grooming, abusing, assaulting and/or raping up to 47 (that is forty-seven) vulnerable girls in Rochdale, every single one of whom was white, has, we are being told (though not, thankfully, by the only UK newspaper to consistently tell it as it is), nothing to do with Islam or its followers, or with its or their attitude towards females and, especially, non-Muslim females.

Nothing whatsoever.

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7 responses to “Grooming in the Green: Just imagine it

  1. Jeremiah Bullfrog

    Loved your take on Rochdale & Golders Green.

    A small media point in question for us Jews but a BIG difference for the UK media is that the men charged with the ‘grooming racket’ were Asian & not Muslim. The females were not C of E or Christian girls, but ‘white girls’.

    Please I also take offence of having my computer screen poisoned with the likes of Livingstone & Galloway, both ‘human poison’ in the purest form.

  2. Adam Green

    As it happens Mike, I sent this email in to the BBC 5 Live Breakfast show the morning after the story broke…

    Sadly, during your entire coverage of the Rochdale “sexual grooming” case on all channels of the BBC (TV and Radio) you (your journalists/presenters/reporters) have not once used the ‘M’ word, instead, restricting yourselves to the politically acceptable “racial” tag…

    It seems that the police are not the only ones who have felt pressured into adopting a dishonest stance of denial over this issue.

    This wilful deceit unjustly tars many innocent – especially sub-continent – UK/Asians, such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists with the same brush.

    What hope is there for ever resolving problems like these if our supposedly most august and respected institutions, such as Her Majesty’s Constabulary and the BBC continue to be held hostage (wilfully it seems in the case of the Beeb) to supposed political correctness and in the process, treat general UK society as bunch of morons?

  3. Jeremiah Bullfrog

    “Very well said … ” & I bet you’ll be waiting a very long time for a response!


  5. philip lehrer

    Mike, as usual, you tell it like it is. Damn the hypocritic Brits.

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