Israel, boycott the Olympics!

The Israeli Olympic squad should withdraw from the London Games, starting next Friday.

Seeing as the International Olympic Committee is clearly more concerned about upsetting Islamofascist anti-Semites than marking, with a minute’s silence, the memory of the 11 innocent Israelis slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Games, we have no place there.

As for the “personal moment” to be held by the London Games Chairman, Lord Coe (right), he can stick it up his pompous posterior. I always preferred Steve Ovett.

The absence of Israeli athletes would hardly be a blow to the credibility of these Olympics, as the US and Soviet Bloc boycotts were to Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984.

But we Jews are far better at guilt than games – never demonstrated more conclusively, or hilariously, than in this Hasmonean Boys Sports Day video (I particularly enjoyed the ‘efforts’ of the high jumpers, over a bar that my grandmother would have walked over, first long jumper and the relay baton handoff) – and an Israeli withdrawal at this late stage would send out an extremely potent message.

Of course it would be horrible for those athletes whose dreams, and years of training, would come to nowt – they would have to be recognized, and compensated, by the State for their great personal sacrifice – but Israel must do what is right: Jewish blood is not cheap, and to participate in the London Olympics, after the IOC’s shameful gutlessness,  would be a disrespect to the 11 martyrs and their families.

I, for one, will not be watching these Games. And should Islamic terror rear its diabolic head during their course, I trust that the IOC and that tosser Coe . . . apologies, Lord Coe will be consistent and refrain from public condemnation and/or commemoration of its victims.

[For a 15-minute memorial service, followed by a minute’s silence, go to at 10.45 (UK time) next Friday morning.]

50 responses to “Israel, boycott the Olympics!

  1. I’m not familiar w/ all the details as I don’t follow the olympics much, but I think you’re wrong. Israel’s hard-working atheletes shouldn’t be denied their opportunity to shine on the world’s stage. I think the proud presence of Israel’s finest would speak volumes in the face of any snub – real or perceived. Yes, I would like to see official recognition, but sorry, I think a boycott would make Israel look petty. I believe the best way for Israel to thumb its nose at biggotry would be to win as many medals as possible. (& for those who question the support of the Obama administration, he most strongly supports an official moment of silence.)

  2. Jeremy Cohen

    That Hasmo sports day is phenomenal. The low athletic standard is hilarious but pales in comparison to the excruciating efforts of the boys being interviewed. On one buttock all the way through it.

  3. Jeremiah Bullfrog

    Let’s hope the Israeli athletes win some Gold medals. All participating Jewish athletes should observe the minute’s silence & delay proceedings accordingly.

  4. Sharon Klaff

    Far better for Israel to attend and spontaneously stop in front of the Royal Box during the opening ceremony to hold one minute of silence. Not much the OIC could do about that!

    Greg, of course Obama supports one minute of silence – he doesn’t have to make that decision! He certainly would not have we’re the Olympics in the US.

  5. I totally agree w/ your 1st comment, Sharon, but I’m not at all convinced the US would refuse Israel’s legitimate request were the games to be held here. That might have been part of what was behind the IOC’s decision not to have the games here — I wouldn’t put it past them!

  6. “I think the proud presence of Israel’s finest would speak volumes in the face of any snub – real or perceived.”

    “Perceived,” Greg? 11 Israeli athletes were murdered 40 years ago . . . at the Olympics! If that doesn’t deserve a minute’silence, I don’t know what does. “Petty”? Only Jews are forced to suffer such indignities.

    With all due respect to “Israel’s finest,” winnng a single bronze medal would be considered a success . . . but at the expense of our dignity and that of the 11 families?

    Nice idea, Sharon, but they would be vilified for it. Best to withdraw with dignity. Bollocks to the lot of ’em, I say!

  7. Perceived is your reaction – certainly not the absolute tragedy & horror … & 40 is our “magic” number – another perception as is your sense of dignity or injury thereto.. Why shouldn’t we then demand a moment of silence at every olympics – in perpetuity? Because it would cheapen their sacred memopries & holy & innocent martyrdom. Indeed, let the Israeli team stand in silence before the queen & the world. That would be true power!

  8. John Fisher

    I am with Greg on this one (Moshiach must be on the way).

    Mike – just remembered I did not call you back yesterday – it’s the age thing. Sorry. By the way, do I know you?

  9. These are all our subjective “reaction[s],” Greg . . . and, no, I don’t think that holding a minute’s silence for athletes murdered at the Olympics every major anniversary coinciding with a Games – i.e., two whole minutes in 40 years! – is too much to ask.

    As for you, Ra’anana senior, I am not quite sure how you can go and greet the Sabbath Bride in the knowledge that you have agreed with the Reform JStreeter from Southern CA . . . have you not read the fifth bullet of melchett mike’s Comments Policy?!

  10. Innocent? The Israeli athletes killed (most during the storming of the complex by German police) had all almost certainly served in the IDF. They had also chosen to proudly represent Israel, and its criminal history, on the world stage. Surely there have already been enough minutes silence to commemorate their deaths? As for ‘Islamic terror’ rearing its diabolic head…well, we all know who will be behind that, don’t we?

  11. Joel, did no one tell your mum not to f*ck her brother?

  12. Joel Gordon

    Ad hominem, always ad hominem…you know you have no rational or universal ethical arguments. You are no different from the Nazis. It’s Jews like you that fuel antisemitism.

  13. As opposed to ‘good’ Jews like you, Joel, who believe that the victims of Munich deserved to die and who justify Islamofascism?

    And we were getting on so well . . . if not quite as well as your folks/uncle and aunt!

  14. Huey Routledge

    Can anyone recommend a good book on the Munich incident? I didn’t know about this – before my time (just!). Can’t understand why a minute’s silence would be a problem…everyone keeps banging on about the Palestinians. A Jewish friend of my dad’s always use to say that the Palestinians only came to Israel once Jews had made the desert bloom and created jobs. Then they started blowing up the Jews! That’s gratitude! Long live Israel!

  15. Huey Routledge

    Wow! what a great response! Ill certainly look into all this. Why don’t they teach us about this at school? The way the news reports things you’d think Israel was the aggressor. I’m beginning to understand why Jews love Israel so much! Israel rocks!

  16. William Mason III

    Israel rocks? You must be some kind of knucklehead kiddo! Take a tip from me – dont trust the jews or Israel. Theyve flooded the US with immigrants to weaken our Christian culture. In the midst of chaos do they prosper. Hitler identified the problem correctly and dont believe anything they teach you in school about the so-called ‘Holocaust’. More Germans died during and immediately after the war than Jews. Whenever you mention Jewish power in our country or criticise Israel you’ll always end up being called a ‘Holocaust-denier’ (whatever that is) or an antisemite. Theyve got you by the balls boy – and the sooner you realize it the better for you and your country.

  17. Mike – from under what rock did you manage to dredge up these 2 (Joel & Wilhelm)?

  18. @Joel…Mike doesn’t need anyone to defend him, he’s all grown up, drinks warm beer and cheers for a crappy football team… (sorry Mike, Leeds sucks ass)
    That said, Joel, you are not even remotely familiar with the term ad-hominem, so stop using it…Mike was merely asking a question, he never attacked YOU in particular…the query was legit and you did not provide an answer..but your posts give us a clear indication…

  19. Jeremy Cohen


    It may be an ad hominem attack, but we are forced to infer from your failure to deny the accusation (that you are the unfortunate product of an incestuous coupling) that it is true.

    Israel’s “criminal history” – for which you choose to blame anyone having served in the IDF – is certainly up for debate, but branding someone “no different from the Nazis” is desperate, schoolyard hyperbole at best.

    I don’t agree with Michale’s PoV either but at least I have the wherewithal to articulate it without implying that he is a mass-murderer of Jews, Blacks, Homosexuals and Gypsies.

  20. well now you’re crticizing him for being a mental midget, or at least, your mental inferior … how elitist is that? 😉

  21. Harry Whiteman

    What a sad bunch of whining jews! No wonder you’re hated wherever you ‘settle’. No more so than in Palestine. Israel shouldn’t even be allowed in the Olympic Games. It is Israel that needs ‘regime-change – it should be subject to international sanctions until its people see sense. The ordinary citizens of America know why we dance to I$rael’s tune. We are sick and tired of it!

  22. Quelle surprise . . . Joel Gordon, Huey Routledge, William Mason III and Harry Whiteman are one and the same! As well as a brother and a sister for parents, they share the same two IP addresses – and – showing up as located in the UK and even Pakistan.

    Perhaps one of my more technically minded readers can shed some more light . . .

  23. therein lies the rock … hate to think what else crawls out

  24. Jeremy Cohen

    @William Mason II (or should I just call you Junior?)

    So the Jews and Israel have “weakened Christian culture” in the US? Don’t make me laugh. Mega-churches and dishonest evangelicals have weakened it more than a few million Jewish Americans ever could. And the Jews in America (for the most part) are no more immigrants than any other American. The whole country is made up of immigrants! But so are many countries nowadays – and that’s a good thing.

    “Hitler identified the problem correctly”? Really? And you complain that you’re branded an antisemite? Honestly mate, if you really feel Hitler had it right, you should be PROUD to be called an antisemite.

    If you deny the holocaust or advise people not to trust Jews or Israel, you’ll be (correctly) branded an antisemite. And if you support constitutional amendments to outlaw same-sex marriage you’ll be branded a homophobe. And if you don your white hood and leave burning crosses in front of people’s homes, you’ll be branded a racist, whitebread, chicken-shit motherfucker.

    And if you don’t do any of those things, you won’t be branded anything at all. If that means we’ve got you by the balls, then welcome to the real world!

  25. “you’ll be branded a racist, whitebread, chicken-shit motherfucker.”

    don’t forget my favorite: peckerwood – a term self-adopted by today’s white supremacists

  26. Huey Routledge

    Took you long enough to work that one out! Still, gave you sad little f*ckers something to live for, for a few hours at least. You know, blogs really are a waste of time – you’re either preaching to the choir, or eliciting comment from nutters like me! Ever consider euthenasia?

  27. Ever consider making a run for it? Someone’s onto you, even as you knock one out over seaside piccies of your mum/auntie.

    “Hitler identified the problem correctly”

    With the new crackdown on Internet hate crime (most recently), I wouldn’t mull it over for too long . . . and sorry to say, Joel/Huey/William/Harry, I will have no choice but to hand over all the details!

  28. Huey Routledge

    Nothing controversial about that bro…of course I don’t agree with Hitler’s solution! Shalom

  29. I think I can smell that sweat! A bit late for backtracking now, I’d say . . .

    “dont trust the jews or Israel. Theyve flooded the US with immigrants to weaken our Christian culture. In the midst of chaos do they prosper. Hitler identified the problem correctly and dont believe anything they teach you in school about the so-called ‘Holocaust’ . . . Theyve got you by the balls boy – and the sooner you realize it the better for you and your country.”

    I think the CPS might, just might, have a case. 😉

  30. Thinking about it on the way back from Morrissey, Joel/Huey/William/Harry, I have decided that I won’t make a formal complaint if, by way of penitence, you donate £100 – a not unfair amount, I feel – to my favourite charity:

    The potential alternative for you: a (longer?) criminal record, a very substantial fine or, quite realistically I believe, jail. I will hold my tongue until 12pm (UK time) on Friday (27 July). If, by such time, you have not sent a comment to melchett mike with verifiable evidence – and I will check with Norwood – of your donation, I will sing like a canary!

    The choice is yours, Joel/Huey/William/Harry.

    Love to your mum/auntie x

  31. Anthony Mammon

    great video of sports day… high jump was the best part, perhaps a stair master would be more suitable… hysterical

  32. David Sopel

    Unfortunately, I have come across this blog by chance. It reaffirms what people say about posters on web pages, that Zionist Jews are the most foul-mouthed and degenerate of all. What an advertisement for Jews you characters are. As a Jew who does not live in Israel I hope all of you miserable specimens live and remain in Israel.

  33. The feeling is entirely mutual, David.

    I am sure that this lovely gentleman is far more your type of Jew (he is fond of botty, too, if you fancy your luck . . . and he can put the trip to California on Commons expenses!)

  34. Some people won’t be happy until the minute’s silence is made an Olympic event in its own right it seems… Or in the interest of being fair and balanced – how many minutes silence would it take to account for the deaths of Palestinian people since the first recorded Stern Gang and Irgun terrorist attacks in the early 1930′s to the present day, I wonder?

  35. Baruch – exactly how many Palestinians have been murdered in cold blood at an Olympic Games? If you insist on joining the debate, why not try and keep it focused?

  36. My son’s year 12 class is collecting for a sefer torah that will be donated to the kotel in memory of the Toulouse terror victims.

    Donations can be made at:

    Please donate whatever you were coerced into paying for toilet paper money and Mr Stanton’s birthday cake + CPI since then (you will probably be suprised to find this will make for a considerable donation).

    Anyway this is a better deal because you will be able to hear the torah being read when you visit the kotel but it is unlikely that you ever benefited directly from the toilet paper or that you received shirayim from Mr Stanton.

  37. Will they allow said torah to be read in egalitarian settings @ the kotel?

    (Hey, what else would you expect from a (partially) Reform hazzan?)

  38. Cause and effect

  39. Much like your father, Baruch, being warned not to “squirt” into his sister. You see what happens when people don’t listen . . .

  40. @John Fisher: ‘Focused’? Suggest you read down the thread in its entirety, focused is one thing that it’s not.

    However, my pointing out that the murders at the Olympics is an effect of prior action against the Palestinian people is rather more focused than Mike calling into question the parentage of his commenters (myself included, in his unique, foul-mouthed way) and making bogus threats of taking them to the CPS, but then offering to drop ‘the case’ if he can successfully extort money from them for his favourite charity!

    Mike – if you don’t like something that someone comments on one of your posts why not engage them in well reasoned debate – as Jeremy Cohen does, rather than being foul-mouthed? It appears I mistook this for a blog site that informs and encourages sensible debate.

  41. Suddenly sensitive are we, Baruch . . . after claiming that the Munich athletes had it coming to them?

    Nothing “bogus” about it: complaint lodged (with full IP, etc, details) and acknowledgment received. Important, I feel, that such things are on file . . . though you would no doubt share Joel/Huey/William/Harry’s contention that “Hitler identified the problem correctly”.

    Anyway, how did a nice Jewish boy called “Baruch” end up in Mexico?

  42. Baruch

    “It appears I mistook this for a blog site that informs and encourages sensible debate.”

    Finally, you are talking sense.

    Hasta manana


  43. @Mike: I don’t know how you arrive at ‘suddenly sensitive’ – I’d call the ability to respond to a (foul-mouthed) personal attack with respectful words ‘self-control’. It’s not difficult. The words that you choose to use say far more about you than they ever could about me.

    Earlier in the thread you ask for a ‘more technically minded’ reader to shed light ‘on IP addresses, etc.’: IP addresses are shared, very rarely fixed and certainly not personal fingerprints. They don’t identify individuals. For example, if the IP address was allocated to Starbucks at the time – and then shared among all of its customers – the CPS would have to go to the ISP, determine where (the exact Starbucks) the IP address was allocated at the time, track down all customers who were in Starbucks at that exact time, seize all of their laptops/smartphones etc. and then possibly (just possibly) they’d find the device that was used to blog. A bit like finding a needle in a haystack.
    Then on top of that there’d be the required proof that the owner of the device was the one actually using it at the time.
    Or perhaps it wasn’t a Starbucks – perhaps it was an internet cafe. Same logic, same needle in a different haystack.
    Worse still if the have security turned off on their router – it could have been anyone standing in the street.

    If it wasn’t a bogus threat then perhaps you’d like to share with us the case reference number that the CPS allocated in their acknowledgment, and the time it was issued so we can check it out? Unless that request makes you ‘suddenly sensitive’?.

    Good that you gave them the ‘full IP’ though… had you only given them part of the IP address then their job would have been harder still.

    Back on thread – ‘had it coming to them’ – interesting choice of words, but again they’re your choice of words, not mine. I merely put forward the suggestion that the act was the effect of a prior cause.

    @John: Glad you agree that this blog site neither informs nor encourages sensible debate.

  44. John hates this blog, and is only responsible for 115 out of the last 1,000 comments to it.

    Of course, Baruch, why wouldn’t I share the information with you? Interesting that you are so concerned.

    Would you care for my bank details, too? Don’t tell me: you need 1 million Pesos to open a shul for self-hating Jews in Mexico City . . .

  45. “Of course” you’ll share the information with me about your so-called complaint to the CPS…

    …Only then you don’t.

    How convenient.

    Haven’t called you out on a lie, have I?
    Only if I have then how are people ever to trust anything that you write here?

    No thanks – keep your money.
    Never did understand that whole ‘self-hating’ tag. Does it mean that if I agree with you then I love myself, but if I don’t then I hate myself?
    Whatever gave you the idea that you have so much influence over others?

  46. It’s called “sarcasm”, Baruch. Look it up. How’s your mum/aunt?

  47. So the answer is a ‘no’ then. No CPS report raised. Understandably a bit hard to for you to produce the ‘acknowledgment’ you claim to have received in that case then?

    As I said (and you denied), a bogus threat topped off with a lie.
    Quite laughable really.

    And in an attempt to hide your lie you revert to form with another personal insult. But the insults and lies will always say more about you (and this blog) than they do about me.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

  48. 11 innocent athletes murdered merely because they were Israelis/Jews. And you think that’s just fine. That doesn’t say anything about me!

    ‘Jews’ like you, Baruch, are the lowest of the low. And no changing of the subject/backtracking is gonna change my mind (see About this Blog) on that.

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