And we’re still fond of you, Moz!

I knew you were something different, Moz, as soon as I – not-so-sweet sixteen, in November 1983 – saw you for the first time, swinging those gladioli on Top of the Pops.

And I can still hear my mother mimicking the “uh-huh-hos” blaring from my bedroom after I had raced back from Our Price, Brent Cross, with my The Smiths cassette.

I was in your audience in Tel Aviv, yesterday evening.

And at a time that most of the world is kicking us in the nadgers – the IOC refusing a minute’s silence for the 11 Israelis murdered in Munich and spineless muppets like Marc Almond cancelling gigs here, for fear of offending Islamofascist anti-Semites and their Israel-only bashing apologists – I thank you, Moz, for standing by us.

Unlike Leonard Cohen (who felt he had to ‘justify’ his concert here by turning it into a peace circus) and Dylan (who couldn’t bring himself to share a single word with his audience), you were with us heart and soul.

And seeing you parade and drape yourself in kachol ve’lavan means more to us (or, at least, to me) than you can imagine . . . I mean, I know it doesn’t make you Theodor Herzl; but sadly, in these dark days, merely not being ashamed to be associated with Israel is, in itself, huge.

Indeed, I will even pardon you for not performing the greatest song of all time!

Todah, Moz . . . you are our light that never goes out.

Morrissey in Tel Aviv, yesterday evening

[For more photos and videos of yesterday’s gig, click here.]

7 responses to “And we’re still fond of you, Moz!

  1. Mike, another brilliant blog and about who better than Morrissey. It is great that he came here and a big Shkoyach goes out to him from me…. Long live the Smiths!

  2. Thanks, Danny. What I omitted to mention is that, earlier in the day, Ron Huldai had awarded Moz a key to the city . . .

    And this is what Moz is promising to do with it . . .

  3. Ben Wulfsohn

    In Dylan’s defense, in the numerous times I have been to his concerts (in the UK and the US), I don’t recall ever seeing him chat with his audience.

  4. “I assure you, Your Honour, this was not my client’s first murder.”

    That’s not a bleeding defence!

  5. Ben Wulfsohn

    I am simply implying it was not a political statement by Dylan regarding Israel, but rather his regular modus operandi.

  6. I never intended – either above, or in my Dylan post – to suggest that it had been “a political statement” . . . merely that, from a Jew (and one who had penned Neighborhood Bully), I would have expected at least some small show of solidarity/support.

  7. The Pope of Mope, in one brilliantly Mozerable rant, succeeds in summing up my last three posts . . .

    And check out the last two lines! Fantastic!

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