Hitting Turkey where it hurts

Israeli tourism to Turkey hit an all-time high in 2008, with over half a million Israelis (me included) visiting between January and October alone. Israelis rank tenth amongst all nationalities entering the Third World country, which boasts Istanbul and some cheap resorts. (Ynetnews article)

turkey14But enough is enough.

Following Prime Minister Erdogan’s grossly hypocritical tirades against Israel’s war on terror (see my earlier Mr. Erdogan . . . you’re the Christmas turkey! post), and the Bnei Hasharon basketball team’s ordeal in Ankara last week (Jerusalem Post article), the time has come for Israelis to hit the hypocritical Turks where it hurts most . . . and I don’t mean in their asses (that would be counter-productive), but in their pockets, by choosing a different vacation destination.

Turkey’s arch enemy, Greece, would be a fitting choice. Its islands have better beaches, entertainment and, most definitely, culture (if not Russian totty) than Antalya, Bodrum, and all those other tawdry resorts put together. One is also less likely to be accosted by some fat, greasy, moustachioed male looking for some unsuspecting kosher ‘meat’ to stick on his unwashed ‘skewer’.

I, for one, won’t be visting Turkey again (and can now dispose of all those corks). But the next time there is a terrible natural disaster there, let’s tell them how shit they’ve been to the Armenians and the Kurds before automatically proffering our support.


(Apologies for melchett mike having become rather less refined over the past fortnight . . . frustration at all the hypocrisy has brought out the cruder side of me!)


2 responses to “Hitting Turkey where it hurts

  1. You’re our own annie lennox. A broken heart has turned you against turkey! 😉

  2. Hmm . . . have thought about whether that has influenced me (even subconsciously) . . . but I don’t think so. The way I felt at the time, though, I would have moved to the damn place. Frightening!

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